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26 Oct 2011 00:00 by dublin ian Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

We dealt with Paul in Dfs San Javier having read comments on this forum. We bought a shower screen for mar menor apts. The fitter came and went, all was well. On our last visit we heard a really loud crashing sound at about 2am and found that the glass in the screen had shattered.

We went to see Paul at Dfs who said he would get another door for us and do the best he could for us.

On monday by arrangment Mark the new fitter came, supplied and fitted the new door free of charge.

This was above and beyond the call, very much appreciated.

Well done DFS. Ian




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28 Oct 2011 09:33 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

Yes Paul of DFS is very helpful. My TV table glass got shattered for no reason & he send me replacement for wooden shelves as I told him that I didn't want any glass at no cost. Any problems or questions, he will always help. I emailed him many times with questions & I always got replies. I'm very happy with the help he has given me. All the DFS staff are very helpful too.



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28 Oct 2011 16:31 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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Paul at DFS has been one of our advertisers for quite some time now so I'm pleased to hear some nice comments about him and his business



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17 Nov 2011 21:22 by elliebobs Star rating. 26 posts Send private message

 I can thoroughly add my recommendation to the posts below. I have used DFS to furnish my property and found them to be a first class service from start to finish.

Well done.



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17 Nov 2011 22:36 by marke Star rating. 51 posts Send private message


Would also like to say DFS and Mark provide a fabulous service, would highly recommend.


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18 Nov 2011 16:42 by Val Star rating in Pinar de Campoverde .... 160 posts Send private message

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We would also like to add our recommendation for DFS.  We had a problem with our glass dining room table, purchased 20 months ago.  We went to ask advice as to how to repair it.  We were given a completely new table.  We were thrilled, it was completely unexpected.


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18 Nov 2011 20:31 by gill21 Star rating. 93 posts Send private message

Hi all,

We also had great service from Paul and the DFS staff, we bought alot of patio furniture from them which  6 months later split all over ,and DfS gave us a complete new set, which were grateful for. Then, within the same week the 2nd lot of furniture started to split and yet again DFS gave us a completely new furniture a different design of furniture this time and we were extremely greatful again, and 8 months on its still going strong. ..............

But my daughter and son in law purchased the same furniture from DFS and the same happened to theirs but this time Paul at DFS would only give them our returned chairs ( sofa was the worst), all this furniture is now only 18 months old and is too dangerous to sit on or to use in any capacity, they have now had to buy more patio furniture from elsewhere which they should not have had to do.......... So just to sum things up we were very happy but my daughter is not.

Please make sure the things you buy have a gaurantee because DFS told my daughter the furniture didnt have a one but  yet he changed mine twice. ........ same family, same furniture, different outcome.

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18 Nov 2011 22:39 by elliebobs Star rating. 26 posts Send private message



This message was last edited by elliebobs on 18/11/2011.

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21 Nov 2011 16:47 by Paul DFS Star rating in Murcia. 32 posts Send private message

Thanks everyone,

DFS will always try and help in any situation, Within reason.    2012 will be our 10th year in Spain and throughout this time we have endevoured to give the best service and advice, and we will continue to do so. Paul

DFS Spain. San Javier. est 2003. www.dfsspain.com/offers

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21 Nov 2011 22:35 by Emmamc Star rating in Pontefract. 5 posts Send private message

We were also happy with the service you (DFS) provided....

Until.......You didn’t help us with our situation and basically called us “Liars”.
We purchased the furniture packages from your company, hoping for it to last at least 3-5yrs (and longer), but when the product started splitting within 6mths we found this unacceptable. With us not living in Spain (holiday usually 5 weeks of the year) the furniture (Sofa, 2 X Chairs and Dining set) were used very little – our next step was to approach yourselves.
This is when we were told by yourself that you weren’t happy to refund / replace the furniture because you couldn’t understand why this had happened and asked us “what exactly we’re we doing on Condado with this furniture?!” I explained that we had done nothing different to anyone else and you then went on to say “No there’s nothing further I’m going to do, take it up with the Manufacturers!” You then gave me their details and said “The furniture didn’t even come with a guarantee but we put 6mths on it (which is expired), so sort it out yourself!.” You also confirmed that we were informed of this when we purchased the furniture (which is totally untrue, because who their right mind would spend 1000 Euro on something with no or very little guarantee? This obviously shows what you thing of the product you supplied to 500 customers!!!!
No wonder you do not deal with this company anymore......
You also told us” I’ve already replaced your parents, so I’m not willing to do this again.... !”
I’m sorry but my parent’s order was a total different order to ours, she was a totally different, separate customer. Surely you should treat all your customers the same???? What happened to the good customer service we received when paying???
So anyway, contacting the manufacturers in China is what I proceeded to do....... But then a few days later you emailed me to say you were happy to give me the 2 chairs that my Mum had returned until we got to the bottom of the replacement issue. We were very grateful to receive these chairs, as we (my husband, 2 little girls and I) had something to sit on during our stay.
 I contacted China (manufacturer’s representative) on several occasions, who confirm that the furniture should’ve been replaced as there was an obvious fault and had a 2 years guarantee. I asked her to confirm this in an email, but unfortunately for some unknown reason for the next 6 mths, she was un-contactable. As you can imagine this upset both my husband and I very much... months past and the furniture dropped to pieces before our eyes. We were getting nowhere fast, therefore on our last trip to Spain this summer we approached yourselves in your new store, who again blamed us for doing something to the furniture and was adamant you were not replacing/refunding  the furniture as you believed we had ‘done something to it! And confirmed you had, had your own Rattan Furniture for 7 years and had no problems........ Just what we had expected of ours.!!!
So several more months past, countless emails and calls to the representative in China – she eventually answered my call. She confirmed she had received all my emails and didn’t reply because DFS was her customer NOT me. I explained in depth what had happened and she said the furniture should have been replaced / refunded there and then. Then the procedure would have been where DFS would have taken this up with the manufacturers.... But I was absolutely gutted to hear that this would no longer happen because the manufacturers had now gone BUST!!!!
So through no fault of my own.......after trying for months I’m at a dead end where no one is willing to help!!!
Obviously we weren’t happy having to purchase a replacement Sofa package from Leroy Merlin (with a 2year guarantee) costing us yet again. We still have no Dining set as we cannot afford this. We are a young family who are trying to do well for ourselves, building a better life for ourselves but coming across situations like this are just ridiculous!
My husband said it would’ve have been easier to withdraw 1000 Euros from the bank and burn it!!!! Very blunt – but very true indeed.....!
I cannot understand why we have been treated so differently to other people?
P.S Please feel free to come and collect the furniture piled high ready for the waste bin...
Emma + Stuart (A very hurt family)

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22 Nov 2011 10:08 by Paul DFS Star rating in Murcia. 32 posts Send private message

Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to visit DFS in San Javier and see a fully documented report including FACTUAL  dates and actual e-mails and correspondance regarding this issue. Paul

DFS Spain. San Javier. est 2003. www.dfsspain.com/offers

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22 Nov 2011 11:04 by Lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 367 posts Send private message

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 We will add our comments and would recommend DFS to anyone.When we bought our house here in 2007 we purchased three amazingly comfortable beds two of which can zip to make singles.Our king size bed is the most COMFORTABLE bed we have ever had and my husband is FUSSY and is also 6ft.3 so needs space not to mention back trouble. 

We also bought lovely bedheads, matching bedside cabinets for each room.

We bought ash expanding table, TV cabinet, nest of tables all matching and great quality. +6 leather dining chairs which are used every day. 

The delivery and set up was second to none and if I had to furnish a house again I would be back at DFS!



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22 Nov 2011 21:42 by julie/kevin Star rating. 33 posts Send private message

 We got the full package from DFS- 3 years ago and the quality and service received 100 percent - everybody we dealt with was most helpful and we would recommend their services without hesitation.   Julie and Kevin from Frondoso Valley


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23 Nov 2011 00:40 by camille Star rating in West Yorkshire & Her.... 121 posts Send private message

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This is all very interesting reading. Is it saying 'shop at DFS, the service is great' or 'shop at DFS the quality isn't great but we will replace it if it breaks'?

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23 Nov 2011 08:04 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

 I am very happy with my purcahse, furnishing 99% of my villa with DFS furniture. I didn't want to buy the terrace furniture from DFS as I don't want it get stolen if I buy a good one from DFS. So this is the only furniture I bought second hand, the rests from DFS. I'm very happy with the services & goods from DFS. Highly recomended.



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23 Nov 2011 14:46 by emmamc Star rating in Pontefract. 5 posts Send private message

 I’m not doing this to get into a slanging match,  but if anyone is really interested in this matter I encourage you to have a look at all the documentation Paul at DFS is willing to provide. Just wanted to show people there’s 2 sides of the coin.

Like I mentioned before I did nothing wrong, he replaced my parents faulty furniture and with the sounds of it he has replaced many other items for other customers…. But not mine!


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23 Nov 2011 16:00 by Lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 367 posts Send private message

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I know this is opinion but based on fact -99% of the time service and quality are great! 



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23 Nov 2011 23:31 by gill21 Star rating. 93 posts Send private message

Yes Camille that is right,

we ( me and my daughter ) not only purchased outdoor furniture but leather sofas and chairs too and they are still going strong and we love them.

But the point being made here is that the furniture in question was of unmerchantable quality and the said daughter cannot comprehend why she has been treated differently to all  other customers ( myself included ) with faulty goods. My experience was all good hers wasnt and still isnt.

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24 Nov 2011 16:29 by Paul DFS Star rating in Murcia. 32 posts Send private message

Gill and Emma,

Both of you know that I can't comment on the situation with Emma until after any judgement has been finalised. Whatever the final agreed outcome is i will action it as quickly as possible. Paul

DFS Spain. San Javier. est 2003. www.dfsspain.com/offers

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27 Nov 2011 14:39 by pam1966spain Star rating in La Tercia- Gea Y Tru.... 56 posts Send private message


In your eyes they seem to be Damned if they do and Damned if they dont. What a SAD outlook on life.

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