Fortecstar 1.8m Sat Dish in Northern Spain

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18 Jul 2011 12:00 AM by alfonso70 Star rating. 14 posts Send private message


We have just moved to Northern Spain and have been told we need a 1.8m sat dish to receive BBC etc. We have found a Fortecstar dish being sold by Maplins for only £99, which is considerably cheaper than any other dish we can find. We realise that it is a petal type dish but we just wondered if anybody out there had any experience of these dishes and whether theya re any good? Or alternatively does anyone know where i can get a reasonably priced 1.8m dish from in Spain?

Many thanks, Tony

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19 Jul 2011 8:31 AM by satandpcguy Star rating in Gandia, Valencia. 399 posts Send private message

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I would avoid the Fortersatar petal dishes and find a single piece dish instead. It may seem cheap, but its cheap for a reason...and it is no good for a fringe reception area like Spain

The Fortecs are not very stable, very light material, can be bent easily (people who have had them say they have send petals back as they are bent even when they come out of the box), they are a pain to set up (many of  the holes need to be redilled to match perfectly), you need to get the petals installed 100%, and worse of all, to adjust the direction of the dish you need to move the WHOLE frame (dish and ground support), wheeras on most other dishes the dish sits on a pole that is bolted or concreted still.

The two 2.4m fortectstar dishes I have seen performed WORSE than a single peice 1.8m dish.

I have a page on these dishes which has a number of quotes from people posted on various Spanish and TV forums saying "avoid".

Dish size required and suppliers will depends on where exactly in "northern Spain" you are

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19 Jul 2011 8:43 AM by alfonso70 Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

Hi there, thanks for your reply. So it looks like its not worth wasting our money on the Fortecstar dish then! We are located about 50kilometres west of Oviedo in Asturias and the local advice is we need a 1.8m dish, but the only ones i can find on teh net are very expensive. So any ideas on suppliers would be much appreciated?

Thanks for your help, Tony

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