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11 Jun 2011 00:00 by KERRYB Star rating in Wales & Murcia. 113 posts Send private message


Just went to book car hire for Murcia airport for two weeks time.

 Most car rental companies seem to recommend adding a min 25 euros+ for 'complete peace of mind'.

Does everyone pay this extra?





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11 Jun 2011 13:07 by pintor Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

Hi,  All the car companies seem to want you to take out extra insurance, that used to be 3-6 euros per day depending on company extra, but now say you need extra for windscreen tyres etc. I paid zero options last time and that said you needn,t take extra insurance out when you collected it at the airport, but they still tried to sell more insurancewhen I collected it!. Just another nice little earner that they add

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11 Jun 2011 13:49 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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Definitely a nice little earner!

I've taken it out every time I hire a car and I've yet to claim on it.

Maybe next time I'll give the car a little knock just to see whether this insurance actually works and is worth it



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12 Jun 2011 22:03 by tech Star rating in Maidstone/Turre when.... 83 posts Send private message

 every time I pick up a car at the airport I have a quick look around to check for damage. Once I did go back to mention the scratches etc not shown on the rental agreement only to be told that it doesn't matter as I have taken out the insurance. I don't normaly notice anything strait away but after a few days  a dent appears or on one occasion the back light was broken. When I tell the hire company I'm told not to worry as it's insured. 

My question is what would happen if I didn't take out this insurance? I am sure they would take the money from my credit card, leaving a lot of hasle to sort out later.

The extra payment gives me the piece of mind and lets me sleep better when I'm on holiday. How I look forward to the day that I can purchase my own vehicle in Spain.




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14 Jun 2011 13:30 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

I do get wound up at the car hire desk when the person in front holds the whole queue up, while they argue for ages that they were told that their insurance was fully inclusive.

My understanding is that the car is insured fully comprehensive, just as your car would be in the UK. The extra insurance covers your excess, lost keys, broken windscreen, punctures, etc.. These are items that would not normally be covered on your insurance, so I do not have a problem with this being offered, even if they are a little pushy. It is your choice to judge whether the cost/benefit ratio is worth paying for. The alternative is leaving a credit card imprint as security.

What I resent is being massively overcharged for the fuel. But to be fair, sometimes I am paying in the region of 10 Euros or less per day's hire, so I suppose they need to try and claw some cash back somehow. I think if the hire package is cheap enough, and the car is adequate, you just need to forget about the minor irritations.



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21 Jun 2011 01:26 by Reliant Robin Star rating in Alhaurin Golf, CDS. 19 posts Send private message

We travel to Spain five or six times a year.  We never pay the extra insurance as we have a policy with which covers tyres etc all for the price of £49 per year.  This covers any hire car in Europe. 

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21 Jun 2011 09:54 by miket Star rating in La Mairena, Elviria. 372 posts Send private message

 I,ve taken out an Insurance Policy to cover Excess charges too. For a cost of around £50 It makes sense if you regularly hire cars more than 150 miles from your home. I use it for trips outside of Spain.

We got caught out in Austria a few years ago when we returned the hire car with a small dent in the door. AVIS Europe took all of the Excess Charge €1200 stated in our agreement from our Credit Card. What a RIp Off!! many calls, emails and letters resulted in nothing!



Mike T

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