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01 Nov 2014 14:22:

Spot on, thought this would happen and now it will. Even so I wouldn,t fly with Ryanair again if they were the only airline? going to Spain (or anywhere else) even if they paid me to travel, W.....s the lot of em

Thread: A Big Hike in Flight Costs?

07 Jan 2012 00:00:

Just wondered with all this talk about recession and the state of the euro, has anyone noticed a downturn in conditions etc on the costa del sol recently?, is it still ok for holidays

Thread: Whats it like in CDS at the moment

07 Jan 2012 13:04:

We used to use Centauro every time on visiting Spain, good cars and fair prices, then we noticed that they were relocating outside of Malaga airport (a few years back) , perhaps due to building work?. We had to wait at least half an hour on arrival to be picked up, it was a mini bus when it came and there must have been two dozen people waiting who all seemed to rush and try to grab a seat in a bus holding about 8 passengers with luggage. We had no chance. we eventually got picked up after an hour and taken to the car compound. The guy on the desk said that the car we had booked wasn,t available, and so we could take one of the others, he showed us a VW Caddy and a Fiat punto, we,d booked a Focus originally. Isaid we weren,t happy but the guy said its all we have, we took the Caddy!. We then spent our fortnight at los naranjes right next to where they were building the new Marcadona supermarket(drilling all day till 7 at night), not mentioned by the owner on booking. on returning home I found that they (centauro) had charged me twice for the car rental!. I tried through the credit card firm TSB mastercard but after two months they said they couldn,t get the bank details of centauro, so they were closing the case. I would never use Centauro if they were the only car company left, ala Ryanair, when you,ve been loyal to them its not given back. since then I,ve always used Easycar and never had a problem, touch wood.

Thread: car hire full/full fuel policy

11 Jun 2011 13:22:

I wouldn,t have anything more to do with this excuse for an airline, they charged me for 3boarding passes i had forgotten to print out £120, when I got home I called them,they said 2you should have gone to the hotel computer and printed them out", I didn,t stay in a hotel," well you should have found a computer in the airport and printed them", but I had 2 pensioners with me 87 & 90 and we had paid £10 each to check in when i booked at least maybe refund the £30 against the £120, cue laughing out loud 1and the phone was hung up. I tried in vain for 2 hours to speak to them again and I,m sure they have a way of identifying your number so they don,t answer. ever since I,ve travelled with other airlines and tell everyone who,ll listen what they,re like, they will never see another penny of my money as long as I live, if they were the only carrier going to Spain i,d Go on a ferry and drive down, the day they go out of business I,ll open a bottle and drink to them, then I,ll laugh out loud!!!.

Thread: How do I contact Ryanair?

11 Jun 2011 13:07:

Hi,  All the car companies seem to want you to take out extra insurance, that used to be 3-6 euros per day depending on company extra, but now say you need extra for windscreen tyres etc. I paid zero options last time and that said you needn,t take extra insurance out when you collected it at the airport, but they still tried to sell more insurancewhen I collected it!. Just another nice little earner that they add



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