The president of lawyers for collaboration to improve Justice

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05 Jan 2011 00:00 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 9001 posts Send private message

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Legal tip 424. The president of lawyers for collaboration to improve Justice
05 January 2011 @ 11:17

Quite "ad hoc", specially becuase of the discussions in our forums of recent days regarding how lawyers can contribute to improve the status of the Justice administration in Spain, I received yesterday the newsletter of the General Council of Lawyers and read with special interest an article by his current president Carlos Carnicer .

There are ellections for the renewal of the presidency next Friday, the 14th of January, so it must be a good time for the initiative that you are aksing us to promote to start working.

The article is on a lecture that Mr. Carnicer delivered in Club Siglo XXI and he says, among other statements:

-After 32 years of Constitution in Spain, the desires of citizenship for a serene, balanced, pro-guaranatee and efficient judicial system for the achievement of Justice, fully committed with the defense of fundamental rights and public liberties, which can generate trust among citizenships has not been completely met.

- The Administration of Justice has the lower level of steem among administrations by citizens

- The Administration of Justice is not producing adequate responses to the attempts for modernization that are being promoted. Justice is still slow, which means it is bad or unefficient.

- Politicians have generally shown low interest for the improvement of this Administration, probably because it does not make them gain votes.

- There is a clear lack of coordination among the Ministry of Justice, the General Council of Judicial Power and eleven regions ( Comunidades Autónomas) with transfered competencies.

- The best budgets for the Justice Administration are  the current ones, in this crisis times.

The most interesting statement in my opinion is that of the overcoming of the crisis of the Judicial administration to need not just an adequate budget but also agility for the legislative initiative and developments and the collaboration of Public Administrations, proffessionals and users of the services of Justice, being General Councils among these.

It is serious we are starting to work on gathering lawyers for a call to the General Council of Lawyers so we can influence them for them to influence changes on the effectiveness of the judicial system. We are creating a small website with Forums, an open and simple one just for open proposals and availability by Lawyers in Spain.

Does it sound good?

Tonight is Three Kings night in Spain, oh yeah!


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Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



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