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The Comments
03 May 2008 00:00 by perse Star rating. 67 forum posts Send private message

Hello all

I am struggling to believe that a large company  like Caladona with clever buisnes men and highly paid directors would come to such a decision to  give away 300,000.00  revenue  for nothing, it just does not make any buisness sense whatsever.

Also what facilites are going to be available in the 12 month period following phase 1 and 2 moving in.

golf course, doutfull,  sports facilities, doutfull,  restraunts, no chance, club house , no chance, de vere rental , no chance, corvera rental , doutfull, i just do not see calidona giving away 300,00.00 euros worth of furniture for nothing.

It would make more sense to me if the promotion card could be used at Roda as well as Corvera, but no mention of roda in the letter.

I think we should assume that when phase 1 and 2 are completed and move in, we will for a fair while be living on an unfinished construction site.

I do not know what the spanish law says regarding moving in whilst all the fasiliities are unfinished, but by signing and returning the letter you are effectively agreeing to move in at Calidonas request, ie 3 months, you can call me nieve, cautious, paranoid but i think the 3000 euros is the carrot to obtain a signiture, i hope i am wrong and as anita and others have suggested it is a good will gesture, but i just cant see it.

One thing i have learnt over the past 3 years dealing with this company is that   1/  you should never sign anything in haste.

2/  never believe everything that you read, and 3/  if somthing seems to good to be true it usually is.

I for one will be trying to get further information before i decide to sign for anything, better to lose somthing you never had rather than sign for somthing your not sure of.


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03 May 2008 11:44 by JR123 Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

I am in agreement with your sentiment of "sign in haste and repent in leisure". I am also completely disappointed with the lawyers Martinez-Echecarria and I was wondering if someone could recommend a truly independent law firm who has our interests at heart. All the documents sent with the Calidonia documents need to be reviewed under the Spanish law.


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03 May 2008 12:09 by ashish Star rating in Cardiff. 137 forum posts Send private message

I would agree with both of you.

I do not think Calidonia has suddenly decided to apply for sainthood. I will be waiting for my current guarantee to expire before renewing (they have to renew the licence in accordance with Spanish Law) and I will not be signing for a loyalty card. My main concerns are:

    1) By agreeing to options i) and iii) I will be giving up my right to contest the date of start of the build for guarantee purposes.

    2) I don't think Corvera will have much to offer for the first 12 months - the best possible scenario is overpriced furniture. I would rather loose some money than be forced into completing if things are not satisfactory on site. 

Having an independent lawyer is going to be instrumental for both these issues. I have sent a number of emails and have had PM's from a number of members (thank you) - I will probably go with Abogado Gonzalo Ross whose reply has been the most professional and pragmatic to date (he has also had excellent reviews on the Internet).

For those that are signing, I wish you the best of luck and hope that my caution is eventually revealed as unnecessary.


This message was last edited by ashish on 5/3/2008.

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03 May 2008 12:48 by Anita Star rating in Surrey / Corvera Gol.... 498 forum posts Send private message

Hi all, I really don't understand why you are so concerned about signing the Agreement.  I really do not think you are signing your life away.  Item h "Once all the aforementioned conditions have been met and in order to avail of the initial amount on your card, all you need to do is formalise the deeds of ownership of your property within a period of three months from the time expressly required by Corvera Golf & Country Club, for this the card will then be valid for 12 months from the date of formalisation".  Reading this I understand that you only get the 3000 euros if you sign within their required period, three months.  If you don't, you don't get the euros put on your card.  Simple as that.  If I have a problem on completion, then I won't complete until I am ready.  No one can have the foresight to know how things will progress.  What is it you think they can do to you for signing the Agreement and not completing within their timescale?  I accept that by purchasing off-plan, our apartment will be part of a building site for quite some time.  As far as I am aware Community fees do not have to be paid until a Community is established - so no need to pay that for some time.   You have a certain period for snagging, and they have a certain period to make good.  Therefore, I can't think of any reason that I would want to delay completion for longer than three months.  As far as I am aware, until our golf course is completed a shuttle bus will take you to Roda where you can use their facilities, I would imagine the card could be used there, otherwise I agree with you, there is not really a point.  If we are one of the first 1000 we plan to spend our euros on terrace furniture where we can sit and watch the sunset over our beautiful golf course.  These are just my thoughts, we did not sign in haste but I really can't see a problem.   Let's just hope I'm right!!


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03 May 2008 13:32 by pwilson Star rating. 42 forum posts Send private message

I agree with Anita here - the acceptance of this promotion at this stage won't change anything. All they are saying is that you will get the 3k if you complete on your sale within 3 months when Corvera say it is ready. If you are not happy with it at this stage then you don't complete - worse case scenario you won't get the 3k. I agree that calidona's actions to date make me very suspicious of their intentions with this offer, but I cannot see any risk with returning this form at this stage.

Anita - I note somewhere you saying that you emailed this off - can you let me know if you sent this direct to the sales office - if so on which email address.

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03 May 2008 13:54 by Anita Star rating in Surrey / Corvera Gol.... 498 forum posts Send private message

Hi pwilson

It should say on your covering letter who your Personal Client Agent is.  Mine is Esther Van de Velde.  If she is your Agent you can fax your forms to her on 0034 968380235 or scan them in and e-mail her on  I had problems faxing the forms and she said there were problems with their fax at the moment so I scanned mine.  You could try though.  Any problems you can ring on 0034 968380901.

Hope this helps, Anita.


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03 May 2008 16:49 by kev2 Star rating in Swansea. 201 forum posts Send private message

Hi all

I am generally cautious about anything coming from developers or agents, but unless I'm misreadding the letter ( which wouldn't be the first time), we are not commiting ourselves to anything. It may appear to be some kind of good will gesture but I would think that it is no more than  an inducement to quickly  pay the final installment. Giving away 3,000,000 euros in one sense may not appear to be good business sense but I would guess the outstanding payments would amout to something like 130,000,000 ( 1000 times an average final payment of 130,000?) and they are keen to get hold of it quickly.

I take on board what perse and others have said, that there may be little to spend the Euros on in the first year as the golf course and other facilities are unlikely to be finished ( so very little of the 3,000,000 may be spent), but as I said earlier signing does not appear to commit yourself to anything, just that if you do not pay the final installment within 3 months of their deadline you will not be entitled to the card, but as it has cost notthing, it appears to be a no lose situation, and just maybe there will be something to spend it on.



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03 May 2008 21:48 by SteveandJane Star rating in Somerset and Corvera.... 480 forum posts Send private message

SteveandJane´s avatar

Being on phase 3 this "gesture card" will probably not affect me at all, however as a businessman myself I would see this as a good move when presenting my business plan to a prospective sponsor for the build (banks etc)..

I wonder if there is a possibility that Calidona are offering this "good will gesture" as a show of "commitment" from purchasers that their completion will be effected and purchase balances paid quickly after construction ? By sending back forms showing willingness to complete it would of course give Calidona some sort of bargaining power with their banks/creditors who are lending monies for construction.

As some have said, read the fine print and if you're not actually committing to sign within a certain period then you can only perhaps gain from sending the forms back to Corvera.


 Steve (Lifestyler)

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04 May 2008 09:28 by steve chaffe Star rating. 25 forum posts Send private message

Hi all, I have read the aforementioned (contentious) documents several times and have taken note of all of the previous comments on this thread. For those of you that are regular contributors to this forum you may remember that l forewarned everyone that Calidona would attempt to encourage and cajole buyers into accepting October 2009 as the 'legal' date for completion when in actual fact the date in Spanish Law is May 2009, the date that they claim to be setting for completion ahead of time. As for the latest 'enticement', has anybody else given any thought as to how this will be policed. How will we as individual buyers have a clue as to how many lots of 3,000 euros have been paid out or even claimed!!, and as sure as night follows day the only thing you will be able to spend them on (assuming you get a CLIENT CARD) will be over priced furniture packages, there will be nothing else available within the stated 12 month period, for details read the Roda forum.

Again l state that l think that Corvera will be a stunning place to either live or have a holiday home, but lets be realistic, it's not going to be for at least 4/5 years and we must all be concerned about the present and the near future. l still have concerns about the credibility of the whole Calidona, Corvera, selling agent and 'recommended' lawyer pact. l for one will be seeking truely independent advice on the legality of the offer and will post the answers l recieve.




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04 May 2008 10:27 by lisa mona Star rating in west midlands. 83 forum posts Send private message


This is really addressed to Anita as I think we have the same agent. I was also given Esther's details. The fax didn't work and also when I called to query the form the phone just rang and rang I couldn't leave a voicemail.

I just think these guys are making people nervous for no reason at all sometimes. It doesn't fill me with confidence calling and faxing numbers that give no response.

You seem very well informed on here Anita and sorry to throw a question at you but people have been speaking about the block they are in.

 From my number any ideas where my place is? I know I'm a ground floor, corner Tilo but can't find a block number anywhere.

My number is 01-060-PB-2-1.

Or can anyone else help? Any neighbours out there?


lisa mona

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04 May 2008 15:02 by Anita Star rating in Surrey / Corvera Gol.... 498 forum posts Send private message

Hi lisa,

Using the breakdown in my Contract I think you are Block 60.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.  By the way, I rang that number and got an answer straight away.  I rang to ask for an alternative fax number because it was not answering, the alternative did not work either so I sent Esther an e-mail.  She replied very promptly and explained that their faxes were not working properly for some reason.  Perhaps all those purchasers returning their forms put too much of a strain on them!!


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04 May 2008 16:11 by dedgley Star rating. 39 forum posts Send private message


is there anyone who has not recieved their Corvera letter from Calidonia because we haven't?

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04 May 2008 16:40 by mazbaz Star rating in Cheshire/Phase 2 Til.... 69 forum posts Send private message

Hi Dedgley

We purchased 2 properties, one in block C36 and one in block 134. We got the letter re C36 first, then the one relating to 134 four days later, so perhaps it has something to do with the position of the property.

If in doubt, probably best to call the number and name Anita gives, below, or email Pablo Buitrago whose email address is pbuitrago @ corveragolf . com (sorry, not done enough postings for EOS to allow me to add Pablo's hyperlink!)

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04 May 2008 18:03 by chrissmith Star rating. 158 forum posts Send private message

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no, I'm on phase 2 and I haven't received a letter yet.


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08 May 2008 09:52 by raviss Star rating in St Hall (London). 114 forum posts Send private message

08 May 2008 15:15 by mmepani Star rating. 73 forum posts Send private message

Hi All,

I am on phase 2, still no sign of the letter.

Raviss you need to look at thread titled "Letter from Corvera 25 April 2008"


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10 May 2008 17:47 by difi Star rating in Roda Golf . 146 forum posts Send private message

We have not received a letter despite an email from Pablo saying that letters were on their way - but this is not surprising as our lawyer is still awaiting confirmation that the building licence for our phase 2 villa has been issued!

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15 May 2008 18:23 by perse Star rating. 67 forum posts Send private message

Hi All

sent off copy of promotional letter to my lawyer for her to read and advise, just  recieved her reply  advising me not to sign and return as requested, however she enphasised the final decision must be mine.

 like everyone else i would really like 3000 euros worth of goodies from corvera, but i will take heed of her advise and will not be returning the paperwork.

regards dave


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15 May 2008 20:18 by Anita Star rating in Surrey / Corvera Gol.... 498 forum posts Send private message

Hi dave, what were her reasons not to sign.  I sent a copy to my solicitor and she had no problems with it.  Totally independent of any connection with either my agent or Calidonia.  Very interested to know what she thought.


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15 May 2008 21:29 by perse Star rating. 67 forum posts Send private message

Hi Anita

wont go into to much detail but my lawyer was concerned that by signing and agreeing to move in during the 3 month period from signing the deeds all the necassary licences may not be in place, ie habitation licence, etc

She stressed the word maybe, obviously she will not know if the licences will be available or not, and as i said the final decision would be mine.

I have given the matter a lot of thought and i have come to the conclusion that i have waited 3 years to get where we are now, i do not want to be pressured into a 3 month period of moving in if things are not to my liking or if any other problems may occur.

My lawyer as yours is also totally independant of both the developer or agent, i dont really know if her advise will turn out to be correct, but i have to trust her judgement, after all that is what i am paying her for.

It is a bit suprising that we have both employed independant lawyers and have recieved different answers to the same question, i suppose time will tell which one of us were given the correct information.

Im sure it will all work out well in time and in the not to distant future all of this uncertanty will be a distant memory


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