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04 May 2012 00:25 by briggsy Star rating. 21 forum posts Send private message

We are coming out this weekend to view the properties and hope to buy. We thought we would put it out to everyone as to any advice on potential pitfalls regarding contracts and the purchasing process. If you have any thoughts or advice it would be very welcome.

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04 May 2012 03:30 by Hamibabe Star rating in West Mids. 1317 forum posts Send private message


Hi Briggsy
Welcome to Condado
Cannot offer any help re contracts as my husband sorted that out but whether you intend to rent out or not may we suggest you get a property manager who will keep an eye on your property when there is no one there.
There are good ones & not so good ones, I guess but I am sure that you will receive many recommendations
Will you be hiring a car? If not give some thought as to where you want your property in relation to the supermarket.
Bottles of water are heavy & not great to carry if you have a long walk back.
Have you got young children? Would you prefer to be near to the pool or to the play areas.
Are you looking to buy a two or a three bed?  If you are a sun worshiper then a two bed is ideal. Sun all day
If not then look for one as near a south facing as possible
If you are thinking of buying your furniture in the UK & having it taken over by” a man with a van” there are two or
three people that have been used and again you will get recommendations if you ask.
However can I suggest you buy your electrical items locally just in case anything goes wrong?
All the best. I hope you find your ideal location. Can I also suggest that you announce on this site when you will be over. Choose a night when you will either visit The Clover or Condado club
And let everyone know.
We are lucky to have a great bunch of property owners on Condado & we found that letting everyone know where we would be on a particular night was great as people we had never met before came over & introduced themselves which was wonderful & we have made some great friends that way



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West Mids & Jardin 5

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04 May 2012 09:02 by mgk Star rating in Penthouse 2. 241 forum posts Send private message

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 Hi Briggsy

Good luck with your ventures this weekend, Hamibabe offers sound advice and also in the mix include viewing the Penthouse apartments, spectacular views especialy the higher units.



tel.605 832  795

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04 May 2012 09:47 by Faulky444 Star rating in Rossendale, Lancashi.... 399 forum posts Send private message

Hi Briggsy, fill your boots. Great place to be and good time to buy. The overwhelming majority of people on CDA think it has been the best thing they have ever done which is the true acid test to whether it is a good idea to buy or not. Nothing in the world at thye present time is perfect but CDA still delivers every time I go.

What would I suggest re the purchase:

Buy the right property for your needs and location is everything.

Get a good Spanish lawyer who knows the property purchase process and who is preferably near to CDA  - within an hours travel. Many good recommendations on this forum.

Get a good English speaking bank in the area - Lloyds International in Puerto De Mazzaron are very good for me. CAM also are helpful. (Cam have loads of properties that they own on CDA and need to shift them at bargain prices, probably worth calling in there if they are open rather than going through an estate agent.)

If you were buying from a developer which you won't be, a good person who knows the properties and could snag it for quality issues would be good. However, if you are buying from a bank at bargain prices, expect there to be faults that you will have to fix. Generally, damp and leaks have been issues for some properties and as they have been empty for a while that is likely to be an issue. Look for sneaky cracks in tiles and bad fit for kitchens and take a torch with you as there will be no power on to use the lights.

Furniture - get an established company to furnish the property. Lots of people recommend DFS (not connected to DFS in the UK). I nearly got my fingers burnt with my company going bust so try and pay on delivery. If you intend to rent, buy cheap furniture as it will get wrecked and need replacing regularly, if it is for your own use, get good quality.

Air con - is essential, buy well - Apollo Air on this forum seem to be the people's choice.

Really exciting times when buying a property but with pitfalls. CDA is as safe a place to buy as is possible in the current climate so don't worry and everybody on this forum will provide answers to questions.

Good luck, Jon Faulkner






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04 May 2012 22:40 by briggsy Star rating. 21 forum posts Send private message

Thanks for your reply it is reassuring to hear the good reports we hope to get the clover bar Saturday night so may get a chance to speak in person. Thanks again!

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