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03 May 2012 14:10 by georgeh Star rating in condado de alhama sp.... 1462 forum posts Send private message

 I have just taken my qrops pension at age 55.

To be eligible you must have a uk pension pot with either a pension fund such as standard life  or be in a final salary scheme with your employer and although you maky have  taken a lump sum as long as you arent taking an annuity you may be eligible.You must have lived abroad for a minimum 3 years so again if you are thinking of moving to spain full time on retirement bear this in mind.

Did you know that there is no legal minimum  service length for you to be elible for a uk pension unless specified by your empoyer?Di you know that now is the best time to transfer funds into QROPS becuase annuity rates are so low that your previous employer has to pay you a larger lump sum to cover the amount you would normally get on retirement.

With Qrops you can invest in exactly the same funds as you are currently with but 2 major benefits are this

1) if you die 100% is passed to your dependents not 50%

2) you can take 25% cash now and either reinvest it for easy access or spend it as you please.

If you are interested in knowing more drop me a pm and i will pass your name onto my financial adviser  who doesnt charge a fee unlike most qrops advisers. 

These facts are to  the best of my  knowledge.







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