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27 Aug 2008 00:00 by cpboyd Star rating in BELFAST N/IRELAND. 86 forum posts Send private message

come monday my contract is up what do i do next anyone in same situation that can help and let me know what they have done. in my mind im def going to try and get some or all of my money back

Ciaran Boyd

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29 Aug 2008 21:36 by glynhorsfall Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message

I hear from a friend of mine that Trampolin are starting to build at the Golf Course in two weeks .They have an agreement with the council for a small amount of works to commence,enabling workers not to be laid off.

It came from a very reliable source


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30 Aug 2008 11:55 by TVJ Star rating in Orpington, Kent. 76 forum posts Send private message

That is all well and good, but f they commence building work just to keep the builers, it will surey be illegal as we all know that the final licence is still not in place and as the Spanish law works the building work would have to be demolished so what is the point?!?!

Not sure that we are going to continue with this development in any case now as we have lost interest in the whole thing.  We have been trying to get a response email from th ever (un)reliable Pilar Cano for almost 18 months now. Not sure if it's case of her not knowing how to hit the reply button or just plain old ignorance.  Ooops, sorry it could be that she is busy dealing with all the clients that still haven't got their properties.  Shame that she let's down all the other employees at TH.

Good luck one and all.


Tracy & Steve Alhambra, Plot 11, Phase 1

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30 Aug 2008 20:24 by M8URK Star rating. 35 forum posts Send private message

We were in  madrid two weeks ago and talking to some people who are buying for investment, they say all this publicity is what is needed and when the houses are built they will be worth a lot of money, many spanish are buying  on TH. 

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31 Aug 2008 21:27 by ogo Star rating in Norway. 125 forum posts Send private message

Do I sence some negative waves here ???  HeHe, 
It's sometimes hard to keep the spirits up.

I have noticed a low activity on the discussion board - 
it seems that also the press have lost interrest for the time being, 

I guess that could mean that we are in "the center of the hurricane" and that the wind will change direction once we have passed the calm eye!!

With this low market, and the president elections upcoming in the USA, potentially high inflation rates, the time is working for us.

All good news are welcome - but I guess that we all agree that the communication from Grupo Trampolin has a potential for improvement.



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01 Sep 2008 13:15 by billandann Star rating in BENALMADENA. 46 forum posts Send private message

It is now September. Have they started started building yet

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