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Remarkable Stories from a Spanish Bar

For you to enjoy the unbelievable stories and unforgettable characters of a Spanish Bar! Some so outrageous that you couldn't make them up !

Draw a line
24 March 2013 @ 12:35

 The big event is looming.

The questions are being asked, are we really ready for 900 people ?
All we could find out from the town hall was they were starting and finishing in the sports centre area (our bar), we had no idea if others would be with them and hang around, if they would need feeding. Basically we knew nothing.
We ordered 200 cases of water, we got outside bars from the suppliers. We ordered 500 burgers, 500 burger buns, were given a old cooker, so we could keep the cooked meat hot and cook more out the front as needed. Decided to cook onions there to in order to tempt customers. Everyone fancies a burger when they smell onions cooking, even me and I haven't eaten meat for twenty years.
We had our own little burger bar attachment.
We ordered enough beer for the whole of southern Spain to be merry and crossed our fingers that would be enough.
We drafted in everyone we knew and a few we didn't to work, but we didn't even know what time the 900 people would arrive.
Looking back we really didn't have the information we needed and it didn't matter how many times I asked, I just couldn't get it. To be fair I don't think they knew.
We now had been told that the hikers were coming on Saturday night as well, ok fingers crossed.
Sorting out
All this is going on whilst we a trying to sort out the mess the weekends events have brought up.
The car being the biggest and most pressing problem. However Barry and Joe did the most amazing job. I can hardly believe how easily and quickly they managed to get us a new car and get it legal to drive. Bear in mind that our first car had taken us two months to sort out. It was all done and dusted in two days. For Spain that is just amazing and shows it can be done, if you leave it to the dealer to sort out.
I almost died when the supplier turned up with the water, maybe we have over ordered here.
He reversed the truck into the pool area to store in the changing rooms, as the pool wasn't open yet. When you say 200 cases of water it doesn't seem like a lot, when you see it, it seems like an awful lot! It filled half the entrance of the changing room, OMG. We really had no idea what we were doing. It is official we are stark raving mad !
This was a really difficult week, I was totally paranoid about the girls and 'Mr Bigs' threats. Also it  was crystal clear we were out of our depth with the event. By the time Saturday night came around I had started to relax. Mr Big had not reappeared, so maybe that was that. We still had to sort out the legal side and at that point the false report against Barry hadn't been dropped. However you find a way to get past these things and just put your head down and get on with it.
What happened with Mr Big ?
Ok, so to draw a line under the sorry events with Mr Big, this is what happened. A month later he dropped the allegations against Barry, mainly because they were false and he was advised to so by the Justice of the Peace. Around this time our tyre was slashed on the car outside our house. I of course reported it and the Guardia Civil told me it must be Mr Big and to denuncia him, I explained I had no proof it was him, so how could I. They went round and warned him off. We have not had any other trouble since then.
However we are still waiting four years on for the court case, although my lawyer has told me it is now close. I would still be prepared to drop all the legal action, if we got an apology and our costs were covered. I know an apology is very unlikely, so I guess it's court for us !   

Onwards and upwards for the bar, we were very lucky that those events didn't give as a bad name and we went from strength to strength.

Saturday morning and all the burgers had arrived along with the rolls, how we managed to move for all the booze and food I do not know, every spare space was filled with something.
Saturday night is on us and we are staffed and waiting.

To be continued ......


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Louise said:
25 March 2013 @ 15:17

OMG, thank god that Mr Big has gone quiet! What a worry that must have been for you at the time! I'm looking forward to the continuation of the tale, to see how many people turned up etc... :~)

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