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Remarkable Stories from a Spanish Bar

For you to enjoy the unbelievable stories and unforgettable characters of a Spanish Bar! Some so outrageous that you couldn't make them up !

There may be trouble ahead.
19 March 2013 @ 12:30

 There may be trouble ahead.

We are now at the weekend before the big event. We have just been told that we will be busy the Saturday night, as well as the 900 people on the Sunday. Fantastic, scary but fantastic.
The Friday night had been good, nothing much to report. Customers having fun, but no big parties. Saturday however was a very different thing, we had a large group with Jose Maria (you met him in past blogs) he works for the town hall and had helped us so much when we were setting up. He had been in a few times with his wife Encarna and youngest son Mario, who is the same age and in the same class at school, as our eldest Loreena.
They came in with extended family and friends on this night to celebrate Jose Maria's birthday, fab, our first Birthday party and they are Spanish, even better. This was a huge turning point for us with the family, we had always got on, Encarna had always spoken to me at the school gate from day one. Now that friendliness changed into a lasting friendship.
This was only the first of a huge number of Fiestas they were involved at the bar. That weekend is also the Fiesta of the 'Virgin de la Cabeza'. Remember I told you about the first Fiesta we saw, well it's that one. Saturday is Romany dress and trailers decked out and carrying 'The Virgins' round churches and houses, whilst getting nicely merry on the 'summer wine' more like a punch, for these sort of event, Carnival is the same. The 'summer wine' has everything alcoholic they have to hand in it, it does not resemble the 'Tinto Verano'(A very light, wine based drink) you would expect to get in a bar or when you pop round to a neighbors for a drink.
Sunday is the big picnic in the rambler (dry river bed), to recap, 10am-10pm, eating and drinking and drinking and eating. Jose Maria and his family invited us to go with them that year but we declined, because we were still finding our feet in the bar and had the event to sort out. As it turned out we wouldn't have been able to go anyway.
Back to Saturday night, we were really busy, we had a group of local expats in including Mr Big. Also had a number of other Spanish customers, this was what we needed and wanted, a packed bar and everyone involved with each other having fun.
But that was all about to change. Some of the expats were getting nicely merry, they were having fun. Apart from Mr Bigs wife, she was becoming more and more distressed. Mr Big was acting up to his name and playing the big I am with Jose Maria family. But more importantly Jose Maria's wife, he was starting to become a really pain. Encarna was feeling awkward and Jose Maria and other family members were starting to stand between Encarna and Mr Big. This is not what I want to be happening. We really didn't want to reputation for being a bar where you get hassle from drunk expats. 
Mrs Big was the other end of the bar, with her expat friends and then before we knew it she was in floods of tears. Mr Big had gone over and she had asked him to stay with her. He had flown of the handle and walked away, leaving her in floods of tears.
Barry suggested that Mr Big may want to take his wife home, which was greeted by 'why, and what's it got to do with you ?' 
Mrs Big's friends took her home. Barry told Mr Big they were taking her home, his reply was 'so'. Later on Mr Big wanted to know where Mrs Big was and got really moody when Barry explained that she had been taken home. Mr Big had had more than his fair share of drink and was now very, very drunk.
The bar had quieted down, so I took the girls home. What happened next is unbelievable, what if I had been on my own ? Thank God I wasn't.

Tomorrow find out what happened ....


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Dilemma said:
19 March 2013 @ 21:46

Hey Sam, great blog. I have just started to follow after moving to Spain three months ago so to read your experiences is great!

Sam said:
19 March 2013 @ 21:54

Thank you, hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

Sandra Piddock said:
20 March 2013 @ 22:13

Isn't that just like it? You lay on a good night, and a couple of expats who are full of their own importance ruin it for everyone. I hope they got what was coming to them.

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