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Remarkable Stories from a Spanish Bar

For you to enjoy the unbelievable stories and unforgettable characters of a Spanish Bar! Some so outrageous that you couldn't make them up !

The day finally arrived !
07 July 2013 @ 16:25

 The day finally arrived

The stage was set, the outside bars set up.
Setting the bar up, was very stressful, as the beer arrived late and we started to flap, it wouldn't be cold enough. People just don't want warm beer.
I was flapping like a broken arm in the wind, we had worked so hard to make sure everything was right and now our supplier was going to let us down. 
We did some how manage to get the beer cold enough, think the God of cold beers must have been watching over us.
We decided the best way to deal with a large crowd of people was to put in a ticket system like they have at all Spanish Fiestas, this way all the money would be in one place and make the bar staffs job easier and less chance of mistakes being made.
We had arranged for two amazing young lads to be the warm up act, they had played for us before and are just amazing. In fact Chris is now singing professionally in the states.
The boys turned up nice and early, to make sure that all was well, which it was.
Then 'The Logical Group' arrived I was so nerves that the set wouldn't be right and they wouldn't be able to play, thankfully my fears were unfounded and apart from a small issue with the drum kit, which wasn't what they would have hoped, everything was fine. Lucky they could play the drums we had.
They started to tune up, and we knew we were in for a good night, they were just amazing.
People started arriving, Barry did an intro in Spanish and English, thanking everyone for their support and help, especially the town hall who had pulled all the stops out.
He introduced Chris and Josh and we were on our way.
'The Logical group' ate whilst they played, keeping a table for them had been a slight challenge, although we had a lot, hundreds of chairs, tables were in short supply. But we did it, they ate at a table and enjoyed the Music supplied by the lads. So much so that they kept grabbing me to tell me how good they were.
Chris and Josh as always did us and themselves proud, true professionals.
See for yourself how great they are >
Now was time for the main event, and they didn't disappoint. Normally they wouldn't sing 'Crime of the Century' but I had asked them to, it is Barry's favourite and I had told them he would divorce me if they didn't play it.
Barry was made up,they dedicated it to him.
We had a good turn out, not as overwhelmingly busy as we hoped, but we covered our costs and had a great night. If you like 'Supertramp' then you really have to see 'The Logical Group' there is a reason they are the number 1 'Supertramp' tribute band.
Take a look at just how good they are >
The next day 'The Logical Group' came for lunch, they were playing at a huge festival in Almería that night. We spent a lovely few hours with them, feeding them, chatting and listening to a tiny portion of Barry's overwhelming large Music collection. They really didn't want to leave, which really faltered us.
Thank you to everyone who through there hard work and support which made such a large event in our little bar possible.

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