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Remarkable Stories from a Spanish Bar

For you to enjoy the unbelievable stories and unforgettable characters of a Spanish Bar! Some so outrageous that you couldn't make them up !

Big plans
28 June 2013 @ 20:09

 Had we bitten off more than we could chew ?

I was starting to think so.
I am never one to play it safe and take the easy option, luckily Barry is normally happy to come along for whatever mad ride is next, it has been known for him to have a few wild ideas, which keeps life interesting and a continuing adventure.
But reality was starting to kick in, we didn't have long to arrange everything and when I received the list of equipment they needed, I almost died. They had emailed it to me in both English and Spanish, but to be fair it may well have been written in Japanese for the amount I could understand. The downside of not being and never having any experience in the music business, is that you have no idea what the equipment is called. Now I was freaking and so was Barry, how could we get this to work ? We had pushed our budget to the limit and beyond, we had excitedly told people we were doing the concert to end all concerts in our little bar, we had the town halls agreement to help and here we were, thinking that's it, can't be done.
Armed with the list I went to speak to the town hall and tell them it couldn't be done and to forget it.
I walked in and explained to Antonio, we can't do this, look at this list, I don't even know what half these things are, let alone where to get them. He took one look at the list, laughted and said what are you worried about, I will get you everything. Oh, okay, you think we can do this ? 
Nervously returning to the bar to tell Barry the good news, basically we had no choice, we were doing it and it had to be good, because it was now costing the town hall a lot of money as well as us.
We signed the contract and paid the deposit 'The Logical Group' the best Supertramp tribute band in the whole of Europe if not the World, where coming here. If the equipment was not right they would not play, but we would still have to pay them and have a huge amount of very disappointed and upset customers on our hands, the pressure was well and truly on. No choice we had to pull it off !
This was a mammoth project, ordering stock, sorting out staff, buying food, getting posters made and distributed as far and wide as possible. Accommodation booked for the whole band. 
The accommodation was not that difficult as there are very few places I would happy put such a large group of people up in. A customer and a friend has a house at the top of town which he lets out for holiday lets, I went to see it, although access isn't ideal as it is right by the Castle, it fitted every other requirement and bless him, gave it to me at a discounted rate. One more thing handled.
The fateful day was approaching, had we done enough ? Had we ordered enough ? 
Only time would tell.

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Gerald said:
29 June 2013 @ 19:55

You leaving us again Sam with baited breathe. Whrn you write the sequel?

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