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Mobile Homes in Spain

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Information on Mobile Home Inspection Trips in Spain
27 July 2010 @ 18:24

 It has been a while since I published anything of Spain related use, although the update about the Amazon scam has helped a few people dodge a bullet out so I was pleased that I mentioned that.

I wanted to put out some more information about those about to start or still looking at relocating to Spain and considering a leisure home lifestyle on a residential or holiday park. I thought I would talk about what is involved with an inspection visit, done either independently or with a guide.

Independent Visits

There are two options you can explore when considering an independent visit. 

1. Combine a visit with a holiday to Spain. Some of the residential and holiday parks can be reached easily using the public train or bus services. Ask your prospective company about the hotel / resort you are staying at and how you could reach one of the parks and have a look around. You may even find that the company will liaise with you and even offer to pick you up as long as you are not over a certain distance away. Always pays to check!

2. Visit the park directly with a hired car. Many people go over to Spain to have a look around, especially at the residential parks and hiring a car is a great way to get around the regions / Costa's to see what is available. Just get in touch with the company promoting the mobile home park and sort out a convenient date and time for you to visit. Sometimes the company will be able to attend, but other times they will liaise with the park and the owner or one of the residents acting on behalf of the company will meet you and show you around.

Whichever way you choose to do it, ask questions. The company promoting the leisure home park will no doubt be able to offer you guidance maps and sat nav codes to help you reach your destination easily. They will also be able to help when researching flights, hotels close to the parks and even the best hire car company to use to help you get around Spain easily.

Fully Guided Visits

If this is your first time at visiting another country on a fact finding mission, it may well be prudent for you to consider a fully guided tour. The company will help you with the flights, pre-book the hotel for you (normally under a trade rate to offer you a better discount) and over the course of approximately 2 - 3 days, the company will take you to the park of choice, showcase the facilities and let you take the atmosphere in, meet the residents and get a taste for the lifestyle. The visit will be suited to your requirements and the company will keep it to a pace that suits the individual. 

Remember to ask plenty of questions. Going back to the UK with a head full of knowledge will mean that you are always fully conscious of your decisions and never feel that you cannot ask more and more questions until you are fully satisfied.

At the end of the day it gets dark, but apart from that, being able to have total peace of mind when looking into buying a mobile home in Spain is paramount for a happy Carefree Lifestyle.

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