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Mobile Home Air Con Units - Used in Spain
25 May 2010 @ 17:02

 The two mobile home air-con units I will be talking about are:

Trendclima and Syntek

These two models appear mainly in the Sun Roller mobile home units and a friend of mine who visits Italy (sorry for the blasphemy) on a regular basis mentioned them to me and I thought a quick explanation of their workings might come in handy for anyone that recently purchased a resale home and found one installed.


The design itself is quite simplistic, finished in a nice clean white, this air con unit has:

A. Flick switch operating the cooling and heating elements of the air-con unit.

B. The fans have three speeds on a simple flick switch allowing you to choose how warm or how cool it gets over a certain period of time.

C. The temperature control dial turned clockwise or anti-clockwise will alter the temperature setting on the digital display. Once the desired temperature is reached the air-con will begin it's ascent or descent to the desired temperature.

What you will also find is that the rooms throughout the home have adjustable ceiling plates. Simply reach up (or climb on some step ladders) and turn the plates open or closed depending on how much of the warm or cold air you desire to be released into the room.


This air-con unit is a little bit trickier to master, yet it provides the same functionality as the Syntek unit and offers you a more striking black finish with a larger digital display to your mobile home in Spain.

A. Power On / Off

B. Mode Display (Heat / Cool)

C. Temp Display (Room & Set Temp)

D. Fan Speed (Auto / Low / Med / High)

E. Mode Selection (Press to change)

F. Room Temperature Setting

G. Reset Button (Press once to reset)

To begin the cooling / dehumification / heating operation.

1. Press Power (A) button to start the air-conditioner

2. Press Mode selection (E) to heat or cool (Never choose Auto apparently)

3. Press Fan Speed (D) to Auto

4. Press Room Temp Setting (F) Up or Down to desired temperature (Up for warm, down for cold)

When desired room temperature is reached, the unit will automatically go into standby mode.

Points to remember

1. Never use the auto setting for B, this will cause the fan to run constantly and prove inefficient.

2. Doors and windows must remain closed for the operation to complete successfully.

3. Use it wisely.




There you have it! A how to guide for two mobile home air con unit makes, simple, easy and useful if you own a syntek or trendclima air-con unit ran mobile home!

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