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A Day in the Life (Warming - May Contain Spoilers)
26 May 2010 @ 11:41

As I awoke, my restful eyes drifted towards the window. Bright luminescent rays of golden sunlight swept across my face and I pulled the bed sheet back over my head a little, allowing my eyes to adjust to the childlike eagerness of the morning sun. After a few moments of admiring my chest hair, I pulled back the sheet and lay still for a moment, listening to the morning unfold. I heard the odd bird chirping, some distant whispers of conversation and my wife lightly snoring. I laid for a few moments more, contemplating my day a little, what to do what to do...

I knew my first task was to get myself out of bed!.... Having the best night's sleep meant every morning began like a tug of war between a day filled with possibilities and a bed that knew how to keep me happy. My morning was a strict routine up until I was fully awake. I would get up, make my way into the kitchen and pour myself a cuppa, pop on my shorts and head out for a paper. When I get back, I'll wake Mary with a cuppa and then pop out onto my decking, clip on my sunshades and catch up on the latest news. I know, it's the simple things in life that make me happy.

Ted will no doubt be out tending to his plants and watering his hanging baskets. It may not be manly, but nobody worries about stereotypes here, we just enjoy each others company. Maybe Mary and I will go for a walk round the park today, or take our towels and head down to the pool. That reminds me, on with the sun cream before I settle down with my paper, remembering to dry my hands thoroughly so I don't smudge the ink.

Living in the UK meant that remembering sun cream most day's wasn't a priority! but here, under the ever present sun in southern Spain means slapping on a layer or two before my daylight escapades begin. Mary did get burnt, once we passed what I like to call 'Two week syndrome' in which you enjoy yourself in a holiday mode, heading out to see everything you can, using the pool excessively, finding the nearest beaches, restaurants, shops and enjoying a holiday lifestyle .

Once that passes, maybe about the fourth or fifth week, you settle down a bit, slow down and incorporate more of your lifestyle back in the UK, worrying less about the time, the sunbathing, swimming, etc.. just realising that this is now something you just have as opposed to need. Mary forgot the sun cream one morning, busy putting together a bingo evening and calling on neighbours. It was a fun night, everyone carefully avoiding her exposed red back and enjoying a light chuckle to ourselves of which she joined in. Again, no stereotypes, no concerns or problems, just a relaxed enjoyable lifestyle.

A lifestyle in a mobile home is not like being in a caravan on the weekend, hoping that the weather won't turn. It's not like having an apartment, traversing floor after floor to get to your room, mainly surrounded by other people, above, below, right and left. It's your own piece of land, your single level home, luxurious and welcoming. Even if you do spend most of your day outside, knowing it's there, knowing it compliments you is why a lifestyle in Spain, especially on a residential mobile home park, suits just about everyone willing to find out more.

Bed, you have bested me again. I'll try again in about 30 minutes, making this my fourth try this morning.

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