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Mobile Homes in Spain

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Spain, A world of unique experiences.
19 April 2010 @ 13:45

If you are thinking of moving to Spain and starting a new life in this rich and diverse country, spend some time getting to know some of the facts and local known traditions and festivals. Take a camera with you, capture everything!.


Facts you may not have known about Spain


1. Spain is 5 times larger than the UK but only has two thirds of it's population.

2. Food in Spain (believe it or not) is not spicy! Although they use a lot of Chile peppers, the food comes out more tangy than hot. You will be able to take the Garlic though!

3. Hot chocolate in Spain is so thick, you will think your drinking warm pudding.

4. Spain does not have a 'tooth fairy', they have a 'tooth mouse' called Ratoncito Perez.

5. The guitar was invented in Andalucia, originating from the Arab Lute, and in 1790, a sixth string was added.

6. California, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and are Spanish words, not English.

7. In Spain, everyone has two suranames. Their first surname is taken from their father and the second from your mother.

8. Prescription medicine is available over-the-counter in Spanish Pharmacies.


Festivals and Unique Opportunities for a Kodak moment!

Spain can be a unique and surreal country. In August you might hear Christmas carols, in February and October, fountains in certain villages are filled with wine and you will find that Madrid is host to a marching band of sheep, just because the farmers can! Spain is a country that flows with it's own energy, taking the traditional and performing their own twist on events. It's fun, very entertaining and it makes for a carefree lifestyle.

One of the most bizarre festivals is the 'Tomatina tomato fight' and in Alpujarras (near Granada), the locals have a giant water fight in June. Maybe you would be more interested in the 'Batalla del Vino' in horo, La Rioja, where locals fight each other with wine! (Just make sure you keep your mouth open).

For the ladies, the Batallas de los Flores in the Valencia region is a romantic event where the local town battles it out by throwing flowers at each other. Just group some up at the end and present them to your significant other, or pick them from her hair.

These are just a taster of the unique events you could enjoy whilst living in Spain. There are plenty more all over the regions, including the Fiest de Santa Marta de Ribarteme and the El Colacho festival, but we will let you find out more about that yourself. (Just make sure an adult is present!)

A new carefree lifestyle means a new way of looking at the world, new experiences and new memories. Spain has it all.

Thanks for reading!

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