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Mobile Homes in Spain

Information on Mobile Homes in Spain, about Spain, about life on a mobile home park, buying a mobile home and general information about owning a Mobile Home in Spain.

Steps to Buying a Mobile Home in Spain
26 March 2010 @ 13:23

 The process of buying a mobile home in Spain, at La Posada can be split into 10 steps.

1. Identify the correct park and location through various mediums including photos, literature and a necessary inspection visit to get a first hand experience of being in that environment.

2. During the inspection visit, choosing the plot is the next logical step, making sure the size, angle, position and even the direction of the sun from morning to night is in the right place.

Once chosen, a deposit of 500 Euros is then required to reserve the plot in your name.

3. Upon returning to the UK, you would identify the correct Mobile Home for Spain you are considering from the brochures you have been given.

4. We would then spend time with you covering all the factors necessary including the pros and cons on certain models with regards to floor plans, storage facilities etc. to allow you to make an informed decision.

5. It is essential to view the various models to enable you to thoroughly explore the mobile home and arrive at the right decision. This can be done independently at a local UK dealer or by appointment with Carefree Lifestyle at tradeshows, exhibitions or at the manufacturer directly.

6. We now reconfirm everything with you to make sure that every aspect is feasible as discussed in steps 2, 3 and 4.

7. We then create the purchase order for the mobile home and you will be asked to read it thoroughly, ask any questions you need to and when you are happy, you will sign and confirm the mobile home is to be put into production. You will then be required to pay a 10% deposit at the time of placing the order which will be followed up by a further 15% 4 weeks later and the final sum is paid 2 weeks before the mobile is due to leave the factory.

8. During the purchase order stage, the park owner is contacted and work begins on your plot to ensure that everything will be ready for the agreed arrival date of the home.

9. Carefree will then work alongside the mobile home manufacturer from the initial confirmation of the mobile home with the sales team, through the planning stage, production and finally we perform a PDI check (Pre Delivery Inspection is a full day examining the mobile home to confirm it has been built to the correct standards and quality has been maintained through its production. The home is checked for faults and if anything is found, it will be rectified immediately and only when our team is satisfied with the mobile home, will it be allowed to leave the factory) before it is transported out to the park of your choice.

10. Enjoy your new life in the sun with Carefree Lifestyle.


o Better climate

o Better costs of living

o More outdoor living

o Healthier lifestyle and a better pace of life

o A good place for the family and friends to visit as well!

o Close to the UK for visits back should you want to

o A member of the EU

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