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10 Quality Reasons For Living Abroad
15 April 2010 @ 17:24

Number 10


Staying in one place all your life will get you no-where. Exploring other parts of the world you have never been too will give you new experiences of life and a taste of something different. Memories are a lifetime's worth of stories and new experiences.

Number 9

Feeling Better

Attitudes change when you are somewhere new that offers you a peaceful and relaxing carefree lifestyle. The normal day to day aggressors are gone and you will feel like a brand new person.

Number 8


Children love new holiday destinations and what better place than a home in sun you and your family can visit and enjoy anytime of the year. Something they can look forward too and talk about when they are older. Childhood memories are wonderful.

Number 7

A Fresh Breath of Air

If you live in large built up areas and cities, the pollution in the air is of a higher level when compared to that of a mobile home park in Spain, France and Portugal. With that in mind, fresh air means cleaner living and a fresher you! Give your lungs a dust off and breathe in some quality O2.

Number 6

The Best Quality Sleep.

Low stress levels, peaceful surroundings and neighbours that feel the same way as you. Think about the relaxing quiet nights and probably the best sleep you have ever known. A really good sleep and a fresh bright start to the day makes the day flow smoother and feel much better.

Number 5


When you are bogged down with the trappings of a routine and regular life, you sometimes forget about the people closest to you and work around each other like a time orientated machine. A home in the sun offers you the chance to reconnect with your spouse or partner and find the spark that may have dwindled as the years passed. Enjoy living and worry less about your old 'time controlled lifestyle'.

Number 4

Inspiration and Re-inventing yourself.

Bringing yourself back on track and enjoying the things you may have put off in life is another great way to enjoy mobile home park life. Maybe you always wanted to be a painter or a fisherman, being able to break free from old bonds and start your new lifestyle means you can re-invent yourself and take on challenges you may have pushed to one side in favor of doing the mundane and regular.

Number 3

Health and Wellbeing

The body works well when it's happy and having a carefree lifestyle in Spain / France or Portugal means that your body is working well and the stresses of life that may have hampered it in the past are gone. Warmer climates and better produce (fresh local grown) combine to create a happier healthier you.

Number 2


When you're living in a sun-bathed carefree lifestyle, having a swimming pool available or a beach not far from your doorstep means you move more and enjoy activities the lifestyle brings. You don't get up on a morning, watch TV and waste your day away, you grab your towel, sun-tan lotion and a pair of clip on sun shades and head down to the pool. More movement equals better fitness, simple.

Number 1

Pampering Yourself

What else does living abroad technically need? Everything in the list from 10 to 2 comes down to 1 thing, the ability to let yourself be pampered and have a carefree lifestyle that takes away all the mundane trappings your old lifestyle may have had. Having the freedom to relax and enjoy a simple carefree lifestyle in the company of like minded people on a park that caters for your needs and gives you a reason everyday to be reminded that this was the best decision you could make.


Of course, I am sure that there are many other reasons you can personally think of for living abroad, this is just 10 we can confidently express. I am equally sure people will be able to come up with a list against living in Spain but that's against the natural flow of what Spain is about.

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