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Mobile Homes in Spain

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New Mobile Homes in Spain Vs Resale Park Homes in Spain
31 March 2010 @ 19:57

 When it comes to buying a mobile home in Spain, the choices that drives you will be based on two opposing forces, and we take a short insight into buying a new mobile home in Spain or buying a used mobile home in Spain. We are not biased and offer both types to our clients as we believe that personal choice is paramount to making sure that your new lifestyle in the sun remains under your control at all times.

New Mobile Homes in Spain

Mobile Homes in Spain
When buying brand new, you open yourself up to a blank canvas, fill in the floor space and bring a home to life that talks to you personally. A new mobile home is your personal space and it should compliment you in every way, from the curves of the kitchen units to shape of the bedside lamps. 

This is the joy you should expect when buying a new mobile home, it's all about shaping the home around you and not being shaped by it. 

When you know that you are buying a new home, you get to partake in many different steps which does mean that the process of having the home built then transported and sited is a lot slower than buying a used home, but it means you get the chance to flesh out the home as you see fit. 

Many people will be in awe of a new home the moment they step into it at show grounds and factory visits and the home will immediately imprint itself upon you. Many will see the size of the home, the shape of the walls and imagine the mobile home filled with their own furniture, fixtures and fittings which allows for more creative control.

Cambrian Leisure Homes for example, currently wow'ing audiences with theMillbrook (Featured here) offer an extensive customisation service for floorplans including bathrooms, bedrooms, en-suites, kitchen and lounge designs, of which many customers have taken full advantage of to create a truly personal space in which to enjoy their new lifestyle. A new mobile home is evolution, or putting a dream into reality.

Used Mobile Homes in Spain

Mobile Homes in Spain
One of the many positive aspects of buying a used mobile home is the time in which it takes to begin your new lifestyle. The home is already on the park of your choice and all the utilities are connected, the home may be fully or partly furnished and you may find that the plot has a fully tended garden, plants, bushes and even a white picket fence. The home is ready for you, so only the paperwork needs to be sorted out.

You get a sense of character when you view resale mobile homes in Spain, because they have built up their own history under the careful command of a loving owner and that shows on both the exterior of the home and the interior and how they used the space to create happy memories. 

Some homes you see look like the park may have sprung up around them, they look comfortable, at peace with their surroundings and this is a wonderful way to view a used mobile home. It may be ending a chapter in one persons life, but beginning a new one in yours. 

Some might argue that a used home is not as good as a new home but what about EBAY?, people can place more value in a used item than a new item, even though you find that the giant of new and used offers more NEW items for sale, you have to remember, at its heart beats a used broken laser pointer which sold for $14.83 in September 1995 and made one person the happiest owner of something that was pre-owned.

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