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We're always working really hard to bring you new and exciting features to Eye on Spain. We also make plenty of mistakes so we want to use this blog to keep you up to date with what's new (and what's wrong) with EOS.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We're changing.

Times are tough for everyone at the moment.  We're by no means immune to the current economic slowdown seeing as we rely on advertising to fund the website.

We've been planning some major changes to EOS for the past few months and we were already making plans to adapt to the latest situation in terms of real estate in Spain and the economic slow down.

We are speeding up the introduction of our new website which will give EOS a much fresher new look and enable us to add some cool new features. 

But, even better is a project that we have planned for EOS to be launched in January 2009.  Everyone we have discussed this with has been very excited about the plan.  It's very novel and should be a lot of fun.  It will give us a much greater exposure online and help the website to grow even further next year.

We are also looking to remove the Google ads on the website as we don't like them and we have little control over them.  We prefer to work with a few select companies to enable us to carry on developing the site and introduce our new projects.

To this effect we are looking to have just 12 major sponsors for EOS.  We have a very interesting and complete advertising proposal which will guarantee massive exposure for each of our select sponsors.

If you are interested in becoming a major Eye on Spain sponsor then please get in touch with me at or by clicking the chat link below the top menu.

I'll then send you details of the package that's available and see if we can help each other out!



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Some forum improvements
Monday, November 10, 2008

Just a quick update regarding some improvements that we've made.

Firstly, we have upgraded the text editor.  It means that it now works as it should for Apple Mac users (Pitby will be happy).

Also, the general forum search has been improved so that instead of searching for the exact phrase that has been entered, it actually searches for the individual words within the phrase and lists the most relevant results first.  (Pitby will be happy about this too)

More to come...

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Come and have a chat with Justin
Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're just trying out a new feature at the moment so that if anyone has an issue with the site, problems navigating it to enquire about advertising you can now chat to Justin directly on the site.

Just below the top menu is a link that says "Have a chat with Justin now".  If the icon is green it means he's available.  If it's red it means he's either playing pool or concentrating on something!

We'll see how it goes and see whether to make it a permanent feature.

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