Top 10 Spain Christmas Gifts

Published on 09/11/2009 in Spanish Lifestyle

If you're reading this then like myself you probably have a passion for Spain and all things relating to the country, culture and the Spanish language.  Alternatively, maybe someone in your family or a friend has this passion too and you're wondering what you can buy him/ her for Christmas following the Spain theme.

Here I list my top 10 Christmas presents for lovers of all things Spain.  They are all taken from that (fortuntately) also deliver to Spain.

1. Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools (Book)

Chickens Mules and two old foolsThis has to to be THE book of 2009 for anyone with an interest in moving to Spain or trying to make out what life is like here.

A very well written and extremely funny book by Victoria Twead, who is an Eye on Spain member and often hangs out around the forums. 

This is Victoria's tale of hers and Joe's move from Southern England to Southern Spain, full of fun and frolics and with an wonderful array of charcters that amuse the reader from start to finish.

Highly recommended and perfect for getting any "scrooge" laughing at Christmas.

Best current price:  £6.99 
Delivery:  Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery
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2.  The Keith Floyd Cookery Collection - Floyd On Spain (DVD)

Keith Floyd DVDI've always loved, the sadly late, Keith Floyd's very unique style of presenting cookery programs.  The eccentric and very amusing Keith went to Spain last year and recorded a series of episodes in various parts of the country.

From cooking for the president of Galicia to visiting various restaurants along the Costa Blanca, this 2 disc DVD set contains over three and a half hours of pure entertainment, covering not just food but also much of the culture of the different regions of Spain.

Very amusing, very interesting and an ideal Christmas present.

Best current price:  £9.98 (Save £3.01 on RRP of £12.99)
Delivery:  Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery
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3. Culinaria Spain (DVD)

Culinaria SpainContinuing with the food theme, the book, Culinaria Spain, is what can only be described as a "beautiful" book.  It is full of 1200 stunning photographs of not just the diverse foods in Spain, but also the culture, the backgrounds and the regions of Spain to which each of the dishes featured owes something to.

This is so much more than a recipe book, it is an insight into Spanish culture and history from a culinarary perspective.

This is quite a large book, beautifully illustrated and a popular gift for Christmas at a very good price.

Best current price:  £8.21 (Save £6.78 on RRP of £14.99)
Delivery:  Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery
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4. Spanish Wine Wooden Gift Box Selection

Wines in a wooden boxWho doesn't like a drink at Christmas?  This selection of four excellent Spanish wines come in a lovely wooden box and would make a great Christmas present for a family member of friend.

The four wines are a Finca el Puig 2002 (worth every penny), Valdunes Crianza 2003 (stunning Ribera del Duero wine), Terra Firme Albarino 2004 (I haven't tried this one before) and a bottle of Enate 234 Chardonnay 2007.

If you like Spanish wines, or know someone that does they are going to love this!

Best current price:  £65.00
Delivery:  Check website for details
Check availability

5.  Franklin DBE-1490 Spanish / English Electronic Dictionary

English Spanish electronic dictionaryThis has to be the handiest little gadget for anyone travelling to Spain that hasn't mastered the Spanish lagugage yet.  It can give you access to over 5 million transaltions to and from Spanish and English. 

There's never a need to be stuck knowing what to say in Spanish again.  I think the most amazing feature of this is that you can enter words as they sound and it will recognise what the words should actually be, so you don't need to get the actual spelling write when translating something that someone has said.

It even includes grammer guides and quizzes, games and much more.

And the best thing is that it's currently massively reduced in price!  A great value present for somone who often visits Spain.

Best current price:  £29.50  (Save £50.49 on RRP of £79.99)
Delivery:  Check website
Check availabiliy

6. Spanish Flamenco Girl Costumes.  From 2 - 7 yrs

Flamenco dressNow one for the kids.  Perfect if you have a little girl or a grand daughter aged from 2 to 7. They are never too young to get in on "the Spain thing". 

If your child likes dressing up, or for a Christmas party for example, then these Spanish flamenco costumes are fab.

They are available in red and black with polka dots or white and red with polka dots.

Great gifts for the little ones to get them hooked on Spain!

Best current price:  £17.99
Delivery:  Check website
Check availability

7.  Barcelona F.C. Cap

Barcelona FC capI'm not a football fan myself but htis Barcelona FC cap seems to be very popular.

This embroided cap is the official licensed product.   If hubby or a friend is a footbal fanatic then this could be an ideal gift.

It's also relatively good value too which helps!

Best current price:  £8.99
Delivery:  Check website
Check availability

8.  Paella Pan - Enamelled Carbon Steel 34 cm / 6 Servings

Paella dishIt's time to get hubby doing some cooking for a change....and there's nothing better that cooking a paella.  This is a man's dish! 

Traditionally when it's time to make the paella in Spain it's normally the role of the husband so if you want to put your feet up this Christmas then this present serves more than one purpose!

This paella pan is virtually non-stick and comes with recipes and car information.


Best current price:  £14.99
Delivery:  Ususally dispatched within 3 to 4 days
Check availability

9.  Spanish Tapas Dipping Dish Set

Tapas dish setWhy are most of my Christmas gift suggestions food related?

Loving Spain means you have to love tapas.  What better way to enjoy your taps at home that with this terracotta tapas dish set.

The set includes 1 x 30cm presentation plate, 6 x 8cm tapas dishes and 1 ramekin.

A great gift for a Spain aficionado to enjoy the Spanish way of life at home.

Best current price:  £19.95
Delivery:  Check website
Check availability

10.  501 Spanish Verbs (6th Edition)

501 Spanish verbsOK, so this isn't the most exciting Christmas present you could buy someone but, if they are serious about learning Spanish then they will love you forever for buying them this "bible".

Susan used to use it all the time when she was learning Spanish at first and still does.  I do too as it really is impossible to know all the verb conjugations...even our Spanish friends tell us they they certainly don't know them all either.

This really is an incredibly useful resource for Spanish language learning and many people don't even know it exists.

You will be thanked for it...although it may not be straight away!

Best price:  £7.07 (Save £3.92 on RRP of £10.99)
Check availability

And that just leaves me to wish you a very FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

Happy shopping.

Written by: Justin Aldridge (EOS)

About the author:

Justin has been running Eye on Spain for over 5 years and recently with his partner Susan launched their popular moving to Spain video guide, Spain Uncut.

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Barabara said:
05 April 2011 @ 01:10

Great list, thanks for sharing.

john chambers said:
10 November 2009 @ 19:07

Justin ... it IS a great and valuable list.

But if you (or anyone else) could manage it, what would be equally great would be "The top 10 Xmas buys for Spanish friends who really matter".

We want to let our doctor know he's great and very important to us ... a meaningful Xmas present would be a step-or-two along the way. Wines and hams we wouldn't dare to begin to choose.

Tony M said:
10 November 2009 @ 13:05

those wines were just what I was look for, muchos gracias.

Charlotte said:
10 November 2009 @ 12:54

Great list - thanks Justin!

john chambers said:
10 November 2009 @ 12:43

Not criticising or fault-finding. Just commenting:

Spanish Flamenco Girl Costumes for 2-7yrs ...

"Best price with Amazon" is quoted as £17.99.
Around 5/6/7 euros in most local town markets.

Pete Gilkes said:
10 November 2009 @ 11:31

Thanks for the list, this is very useful. I never know what to buy for Chritmas.

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