A Room With A View

Published on 11/4/2007 in Buying Process

Views in SpainViews, why are they so important to us when looking for property here in Spain? In the UK people want big kitchens, a fourth bedroom, conservatories and so on. One thing you very rarely hear people ranting on about is views. In fact, views are so few and far between that house hunters just don’t seem to list them high on their priorities. We just don’t seem to expect a view. In fact, we are just grateful if there is nothing too hideous to glimpse at when we open or draw the curtains.

 I asked a friend of mine who also lives in Spain and has worked in real estate here why views are so much more important. Her response was that part of enjoying your holiday home in Spain was sitting outside and taking ‘it’ all in. By ‘it’ she is referring to the landscape, the freeness and everything associated with the whole al fresco experience that we crave when abroad.

My argument to this was that the desire for views is not just restricted to the holiday home buyers but those who plan to live permanently in Spain too. The desire for views almost overrides the need for practical features such as adequate storage, a spare bedroom, even a phone line in some cases. People are prepared to sacrifice the former necessities that they took for granted in their UK homes for the all important views. It is not unusual for avid gardeners to swap their lovingly cultivated garden in the UK for a couple of metres of terrace just for a glimpse of the tide at breakfast.

In today’s current market in Spain, there is a lot of property for sale. Since most of this property was built during the past five years, it all looks, well, pretty much the same. Could it be because everything looks so similar that the view is the deciding factor? Since the emphasis is placed on views, it makes good sense to consider it wisely, even if they aren’t important to you. On an urbanisation with fifteen identical properties for sale, the one that will shift first will be the one with the best views.
Nevertheless, one shouldn’t buy anything in Spain solely on the basis of views because you never know what they might build in your line of sight. As areas inevitably continue to grow, people who bought because of views are at risk of disappointment.

From a resale point of view, luckily the Spanish aren’t too bothered by views and indoor square metres matter more. In fact, they don’t mind going underground omitting all natural light and making use of basement areas. They very rarely give views a second thought but the Brits seem to be obsessed with it. If it isn’t a sea view, it has to be a mountain and if neither of these are possible then a golf course is better than nothing. After years of being couped up in centrally heated, carpeted, curtained homes with a constant view of the television, we crave what we have been missing for so long, the connection with nature. A view is just that, a connection with nature and that is what is important for us.

Written by: Susan Pedalino

About the author:

Women In Spain

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