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20 Jul 2009 00:00 by Jeanie60 Star rating. 103 posts Send private message

 Nov 1st by ferry from plmouth to santander then driving to the costa blanca.

There we have rented an apartment in los altos for 5 to 6 months.

We will spend our time looking for a property to buy.

It all sounds simple doesnt  it


ground n

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20 Jul 2009 17:01 by Patty_1 Star rating in Hertfordshire. UK. .... 1064 posts Send private message

 Good luck Jeanie,

You are doing it the right way round,   hope you find what you are looking for.





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20 Jul 2009 20:51 by Irene&Alan Star rating in Formentera del Segur.... 708 posts Send private message

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How exciting for you. I'm sure you'll be spoilt for choice.

Enjoy the experience

Irene & Alan

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20 Jul 2009 23:15 by advisor Star rating in London most of the t.... 311 posts Send private message

green............with envy

good luck



Nobody plans to fail, many fail to plan, sadly the result is the same.



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20 Jul 2009 23:24 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6943 posts Send private message

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21 Jul 2009 03:45 by COSMO Star rating in Gateshead and Costa.... 46 posts Send private message

Good Luck Jeanie.

I done the same route down to Polop on the Costa Blanca twice in two weeks.

 We took  our furniture across in a luton box van (good job we were not stopped,well overweight!!!!!)on the 21st of June.

Docked at  Santander Monday lunchtime and headed towards Bilbao,then took the toll road down towards Zaragoza.

We were not sure how much the toll road would cost in a van so we came off at J13 just after the town of Lograno and it cost

25.50euros.Took a shortcut through a little town called Carinena then joined the A23 down towards Sagunt.Then headed down towards Valencia.Take care as you come past Valencia, we took the road signposted A7 which took us way inland away from the coast and had to travel back across the hills.Eventually got to Polop at about 11.30 pm just in time to catch the local chinese.

Caught the ferry back to Plymouth on the Thursday and got back to Gateshead on Friday .

Done it all again on the Sunday  in the car with the wife and two kids.Stayed on the toll road all the way down to Zaragoza which was only 26.00euros, down the A23,onto the A7 past Valencia then took the AP7 toll road towards Alicante, we came off the toll road at J65( Benidorm) which cost about 5.00euros.Sitting in the chinese having the 1st beer at 9.00pm.

Total cost of petrol from Gateshead - Plymouth, Santander - Polop was about £120.00 with just under half a tank left when we arrived.

Hope this helps to give you a rough idea of cost and time.

                                                                   Good Luck,






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21 Jul 2009 10:06 by sterling Star rating in Kent & Partaloa, Alm.... 197 posts Send private message

Wey to go Jeanie,

Have a great trip and a fantastic life in Spain. I'm sure you'll find your dream home soon, after all it's a buyers market. Good luck and have fun.




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21 Jul 2009 10:23 by rowlandsbb Star rating in 2010 50/50 Macclesfi.... 760 posts Send private message

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You are going about finding a home in Spain in exactly the right way

Staying for a few months you will be able to take your time and get to know the areas you like, meet others who have moved to Spain and then be in a position to buy

As everyone will tell you now is a good time to buy but bargain hard as even though asking prices are well down , but there is still room for more reductions

There is a view that all the discounts have been made and that ready now prices are as low as the developers can afford to sell at

Probably an element of truth in this but there is no uses in getting what is apparently a very good buy , if it is not really the home you want!

Be a touch wary about re sales asking prices as many owners have still not come to terms with the current values, sometimes because they do not have to sell and will only do so , if someone pays their price

In a way , if you take the same approach as you would just now if looking to buy in UK, then you will not go far wrong

Enjoy your trip and I'm sure that you will find what you are looking for............the majority of those who are serious about the Spanish Life Style do and go on to have a great life!  


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21 Jul 2009 15:35 by Jeanie60 Star rating. 103 posts Send private message

 Hi every one and thanks for your comments,

Cosmo and Rowlandcheers for that.

It is a 

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21 Jul 2009 15:41 by Jeanie60 Star rating. 103 posts Send private message

Hi every one and thanks for your  very nice comments.

Cosmo, Rowlands i have taken it all in cheers.

It's a real exciting time for us and we'r looking forward to our future in spain.



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21 Jul 2009 19:16 by ayrez Star rating in La Marina Oasis. 368 posts Send private message

Hello Jeanie

Good luck in your new life. i am sure you will love it. In our experience it took a couple of months to realise we were not on holiday and did not need to go back to work and the rain and damp grey winters.

Have fun



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21 Jul 2009 19:46 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6943 posts Send private message

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Jeanie, can I recommend our very own 'Georgia' (Shaun) to help you achieve your dream home as he has done for many members here.

He's contactable through his website He's in Algorfa.









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22 Jul 2009 17:05 by Jeanie60 Star rating. 103 posts Send private message

 Thanks more!!!

I will take a look.

Jean!    My husband keeps saying that we wont be on holiday lol

I suppose we will be just the same.


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22 Jul 2009 21:02 by 1962 Star rating in Iznalloz. 182 posts Send private message

hi Rowlandsbb

re the  quote - Many owners have not come to terms with the current values,

I think you are wrong there,  home owners in spain know exactly what is going on and have dropped prices accordingly. I know it is a buyer's market at the moment but sellers should not be browbeaten into selling  at a knock down price because they are desperate to sell. I was sellling but have now taken it off the market until further notice and I am lucky to be somebody who is not desperate to sell.  I have had so called buyers, who not only wanted to knock the price down further but wanted all my furniture as well.  It's so easy to walk into a fully furnished apartment paid for by somebody else.  We bought our apartment off plan and had to buy and fit every light fitting and dress all the windows and had log burner built into the fire place and glass curtains on the terrace, extra wrought iron doors and rejas.  You might say this is all par for the course with other home owners also, well I for one am not giving my hard earned home away to anybody, and good luck to the desperate sellers I hope you get some peace of mind.

Had to get that off my chest, regards Kathy



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22 Jul 2009 21:15 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6943 posts Send private message

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  Kathy, you're so right about how those of us who bought off-plan have had various necessary things done before the place was habitable such as light fittings, aircon, bathroom fittings, etc...

Whilst we're not selling & we have no mortgage, we would be furious if, after paying 195,000€ for our property plus all the expensive extras, someone thought they could have our property with the aircon, light fittings, all 'white' goods and my furniture for say 125,000€ !!  


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23 Jul 2009 09:23 by rowlandsbb Star rating in 2010 50/50 Macclesfi.... 760 posts Send private message

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The best advice in UK and EU is that unless you have to sell, then hold on

For some though this is not possible and potential buyers from UK and EU in Spain are I'm afraid taking the attitude you outlined

That is just the reality of this economic recession and it does not just apply to property

Most share portfolios have dropped by circa 25/30% over the last year or so ...and that is if you did not own Bank shares!

Commercial properties have dropped by circa 30% and the value of businesses and pensions also

It is not a very nice situation for many people and there are many sad situations but if some one has to sell any type of asset anywhere just now then there is nothing you can do about the  reality of the market

But there will be a recovery , when, no one yet knows ,but predictions by so called experts is that 2010 will be flat at best and it will improve during 2011

So hold on if you can

For those who do want to buy then , Kathy, you do have to accept that they will want to take advantage of the current situation as much as they can

I'm afraid that we have one client who is as furious as you Morerosado!...and it is a sorry tale

Paid 185.000 € , had to sell and was prepared  to sell at 125.000€...buyer found but fell forced to offer it at 109.000 €.....advised to wait but cant or wont...does get a bit back on the exchange rate but that is no consolation

Looking forward to the market in Spain recovering....for obvious reasons!!!!


This message was last edited by rowlandsbb on 23/07/2009.





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23 Jul 2009 11:55 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1842 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

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 The market here at the moment has two tiers, the drastically reduced prices from people that just want to sell at any cost and the normal market with people pricing the property at what they would like to be able to move on within Spain.

For an agent, most of the vendors that we meet at the moment are the ones that are desperate and will sell at a huge loss and this can be for a number of reasons, albeit whatever reasons these are, from ill health,money problems or just the fact that they want to be back in the UK, it is always a disgruntled seller that we are dealing with from day one at the moment.

They know they have to sell cheap,they know they will lose and what makes it even worse is the fact that we are taking people around that are taking advantage of the situation, although we are used to this, as the power has switched to the buyers now, it doesn't make for a great relationship and feelings generally run high.

You cannot blame the buyers at the moment as i would do the same in their situation.

There use to  be a benchmark here regarding pricing,in general apartments were 100k, townhouse, duplex were 150k ish and villas from 200k (Euros), now there is no general rule of thumb as the pricing is all over the place, in the distressed market you get apartments from 50,000€, townhouses from 80,000€ and villas from 130,000€, in the normal market prices are similar to the past.

Both markets are existing in parallel at the moment!

For example i have 2 properties exactly the same as Morerosado's property, one is on the market for 190,000€ and one is on the market for 145,000€, they are 2 streets apart and in fact the cheaper one is in better condition!!!

As you see, there is no logic.

My advice to anyone looking to sell at the moment is, if you really do need to sell put it on at the rock bottom price you would accept and it will sell, if you wait and wait and the Euro devalues you could see your self returning to the UK with very little.

If you dont have to sell and are just looking for a change then spruce the place up a bit and sit and wait.

I personally do not think prices will change now for a good 18 months at least.

You can look at it two ways, is the market low enough now to give you a safety net from falling prices and has it allowed people with smaller budgets to be able to move to Spain again or have a retrement home for the future?

Or will the properties that have not fallen in price already drop to the same levels of the distressed vendors? Nobody knows,especially not the so called experts "that work in the city" if they were that clever they would predicted the fall instead of telling everyone how bad it is all day, i dont class someone that shouts "duck" just as i have hit my head a expert in risk asessment!!

Anyway,just my views on how things are here at the mo.



Our new updated website is now live!!!!!!



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23 Jul 2009 13:49 by 1962 Star rating in Iznalloz. 182 posts Send private message

Hi Rowlandsbb and Georgia,

both your posts state the reality of the situation and I agree with most of both of them, I was actually just venting my feelings on this wonderful website. Poor Morerosada, luckily I can hold on.  However a story I would like to impart re. a greedy buyer is the sale of a house within a village in the province of Granada a lovely fully detached house completely reformed with a separate garage across the road  two years ago, for 105 thousand euros. It was worh more but the owners son was diagnosed with what we called mad cow disease (sorry I can't think of the correct name) and they had to give up all thoughts of living abroad and move back to the UK  since then the house had been reduced many times until finally it had a price tag of 50 thousand euros, a give away, but the buyer who knew the story decided to offer ten thousand less and got the property.  I know you will say that's life, but are there no people left in this world with principles. 

regards kathy.



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23 Jul 2009 14:15 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6943 posts Send private message

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Hi kathy, you've read my post wrongly. I have no intention of selling.

However, if we did, we'd likely buy elsewhere in Spain & what we'd need to drop for ours we'd expect a drop in the price of our next property.









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23 Jul 2009 14:50 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1842 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

georgia´s avatar

 Hi Kathy,

I have several vendors in similar situations, i have a lady that husband has had three strokes and is desperate to get back to the UK, she rings me constantly to ask advice and unfortunately the answer is to keep reducing the price.

I do not blame people for putting in offers but if they are too low then i simply refuse them......some are simply insulting....but in this market people will always try it on and in all honesty they are the people that are holding up the market..........

I have a property at the moment and the lady's husband has altzheimers and is so desperate, it is so upsetting even for a ruthless,hard hearted shark, sorry Estate's a 2 bed property with a pool and it will sell in the end for 50,000€ because it has attracted the sort of people that are hunting for bargains.......i culd go on and on but there are too many too mention........

the point being, i suppose if there was not bargain hunters around then not even these properties would sell........

The worse part of the job is ringing people with the offers......the reaction can range from anger to tears or relief.......we usually get the anger bit full on..............

I suppose whether you think it is right or wrong depends on which end of the situation you find yourself at.....


Our new updated website is now live!!!!!!



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