Moving to Spain for 6 months to 1 year

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01 Jul 2009 00:00 by samdxx Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Hi guys and girls, hope you can help me with this one as I am so confused. Ok here goes, sorry if it is long winded.

My fiance is Chilean, lives and works in Salou, Spain (he has all the correct documents to live and work there, something about his grandmother). He has applied for his Spanish passport and has been told he has to wait about 1 year to 1.5 years for all the documentation to go through and for him to be issued with it. I on the other hand live in the UK. For nearly 2 years I and he have been flying back and forward to see each other for 4 days a month. Obviously costing money. His passport should be through sometime next year and we are planning the wedding for the end of 2011 here in the UK where we will settle. But he is getting himself an apartment at the end of this year, he has been living with his mother. So to save us money so we can save properly we thought it was best for me to move there and share the apartment for 6 months to 1 year. I can take my job to Spain as I am a graphic designer and can work online and they will pay me in my bank account (Barclays) as normal. There is Barclays in Salou.

My questions are:

What happens with my UK residence, do I have to come back after so many days to the UK to keep it open. I have the E something card already cos I go to Spain so often.

I will be keeping my mums address as my base is this ok?

What other obsticles do I have to overcome?




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01 Jul 2009 20:22 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 3871 posts Send private message

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I think in your case it would probably be best to remain a UK resident (through your mother's address) for all official purposes, and not complicate things by trying to figure out where you are legally resident.

Strictly speaking, if you are in Spain more than 183 days you should become a resident, but who will know? You don't plan to bring a UK reg car over, do you? That could complicate things with regards to registration, road tax, mot etc. Unless absolutely essential, don't bother. You can renew your EHIC (EU health card) before coming - it will give you up to 1 year cover for emergency treatment. If you don't have any existing conditions that require expensive prescriptions, that should be sufficient. Your salary will be paid, and taxed, as usual in the UK - why confuse the issue by becoming a fiscal resident in Spain? Barclays in Spain is a separate entity from Barclays UK, though. You won't be able to draw funds directly from your UK account. It may be worth looking into Halifax or Santander, both of which I believe may offer free transfers between UK and Spanish branches. Alternatively, Nationwide offer a debit card that does not charge a fee for withdrawals made elsewhere in the EU, or look into money transfer agents for regular transfers to a Spanish bank account. There's one advertised on this page.

Good luck with everything!



"First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure"

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01 Jul 2009 20:54 by myra cecilia Star rating in Manilva Malaga. 213 posts Send private message


As Roberto gave you correct information all I would like to add is, GET ON DOWN HERE.


Myra Cecilia.

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01 Jul 2009 21:03 by Jack5340 Star rating in Enfield and Calahond.... 43 posts Send private message


You mention car tax and mot problems for a car taken to Spain.

We will be coming to Spain on the 15th July for at least 3 months.My car tax runs out at the end of August and the MOT in late September.

Will this cause any problems. Can I get an MOT of sorts in Spain. I think I should be able to retax it via the internet but, will I need the new tax disc in Spain.

Are there any other problems we could face.




Don't say you can't do something without adding the word YET after it.

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01 Jul 2009 23:20 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 3871 posts Send private message

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The problems I referred to were aimed at those considering becoming resident in Spain, since as a resident you are obliged to re-register your car onto Spanish plates, with all the encumbent complications that go with that.

Jack, if your MoT runs out while you are abroad, your car will not be road legal - any more than it would be in the UK. You cannot get a valid MoT in Spain for a UK reg vehicle. Do NOT believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

In your case, I believe you have no option but to get a new MoT before leaving the UK. I'm not familiar with the procedure for retaxing online so cannot advise on that, but as long as the tax is paid on time (and you can prove it at a later date if necessary) you maybe needn't worry too much about actually having the disc with you, as Spanish (and French) police are unlikely to ever ask to see it. Re-entering the UK might be a concern though, without a valid disc displayed. Could someone send it on to you inSpain? The important thing, however, is to ensure your car is road legal in it's country of registration for the entire time you're abroad. If it is not, and you (God forbid) have to make an insurance claim, your insurance will automatically be null & void.

As for insurance, check with your insurer before you leave that you are covered for the length of your trip - there are usually restrictions, and cover is usually limited to third party only (minimal legal requirement).



"First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure"

Mark Twain




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02 Jul 2009 10:01 by Jack5340 Star rating in Enfield and Calahond.... 43 posts Send private message


Thanks for the info.

I have paid a bit extra for the insurance to cover me full com in Spain.

I am getting the car serviced next week and will now also get a new MOT.

As for the tax, I can renew that online and get my daughter to post it to me.

We don't intend to become resident until next year so that shouldn't be a problem. When we do I intended to first take this car back for my daughter to have and buy a Spanish registered car.

If anyone has any other info I would be grateful for it.



Don't say you can't do something without adding the word YET after it.

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02 Jul 2009 10:37 by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

My MOT renewal date used to be in June but changed to beginning of January when we had an accident.   My car tax expires end of  January and when I went on-line I couldn't renew it as the MOT details weren't available.

I'd contact DVLA to find out how long it takes to register your new MOT to apply for your tax on-line.

The english papers were running reports about a crack down on UK registered cars.  If stopped and you cannot prove that your car is legal then it will be impounded until you can provide the relevant documentation.

You need to carry your ferry documentation to prove that you are a visitor, your car insurance, your driving licence and your passport. 

I believe the Spanish are also able to check online the same way as the police in UK can that your car is legal.  If your MOT has run out then as your insurance would be invalid you will not be able to drive it and it will be impounded.

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