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30 Nov 2014 19:32:

For those who drive down via Dover / channel tunnel and then head north / south over the Dartford crossing on the M25 you will be interested to know that the tolls have been replaced with a prepay or pro pay system similar to the conjestion charge in London.
When you cross, the toll booths will have gone and number plate cameras record your vehicle details. You must then make the appropriate payment by midnight the following day, unless you have organised a prepay account via the website. Payments can also be made in your home town at payplus outlets, either before or after your crossing.
I have just found out about this and am about to travel down, so just in time to avoid a hefty fine for not knowing.


28 Nov 2013 19:10:

We just go to our local bakery. they sell us the flour and even have the yeast. Buy some yeast and freeze into small individual quantities for use on your batches.

Thread: Strong Wholemeal & White Flour

14 Nov 2012 18:13:

 of all the replies sent on this post, no one has mentioned the west coast route down through france. We do this all the time now after trying many of the other routes. We use the non toll route down to Bordeaux and around the mountains at the French /Spanish border. We have an overnight stop at Bordeaux, which gives us a 12 hour driving day through France and 10 hours to the Costa Blanca without exceeding the speed limits. Hotels are mostly dog friendly, we used to bring our cat, for a small extra charge. We use the tunnel and catch an early crossing 7 -8 am. There are lots of roadworks on the route from Bordeaux to Bayonne but they didnt slow us down much as they are well managed. 

Should you require any further info please pm me 



Thread: Best way to drive from durham uk, to murcia? Tunnel or ferry? Help!!

13 Jul 2012 21:25:

 there is a company on the Montesinos road from the cv95 quesada to Torre. the turn is opposite the garden centre . I am sorry but I do not know the company name. Maybe someone else can help with that


Thread: Any bicycle hire shops near Algorfa?

17 Jan 2012 00:00:

Does anyone know of a website that will look for the best price flights from all the airlines flying out of Alicante to the UK, without having to look through all the airlines seperately.

Thread: flights from alicante


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