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30 Jan 2009 00:00 by Ukandy1 Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Reidencia or NIE? Or both? And in which case in which order?  I haven't a clue!

If I read one more contradicting article I think my brain will explode.

We have an address, need to buy a car, and open a bank account, so what do we need please and where do we need to go?

We are moving to Benalmadena by the way (next Thurs yay).

By the way although it would be so helpful of someone to post the exact address to whichever goverment office(s) we require, please don't as it would be far to easy and spoil the adventure of finding the place lol.


(PS whats the weather like?)

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30 Jan 2009 02:18 by J&N Star rating in Nottinghamshire. 342 posts Send private message

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I know how confusing it can be when you start out, but hope your move goes well. We are a bit further up the coast from where you are going and today has been absolutely fabulous, warm sunshine, blue skies and the sea was such a rich blue. We've been able to have our patio doors open all day - unfortunately the forecast says we are due rain at the weekend but as far as I know today (Friday) should be another good day.

Anyway, back to your query. We sorted our NIE numbers out before we moved over here last May. When we bought our car in June we needed both our NIE and our empadronamiento. We sorted out registering on the padron with our local council and gave copies of both padron and NIE to the car dealer who then taxed the car for us. Where we live you certainly don't need yout residencia to buy a car. We were told we needed our padron as proof of where we lived as the car tax is charged by the local council not nationally and different rates apply depending on where you live. You need to speak to one of the car dealers where you are thinking of buying a car from to ask exactly what will be required.

As far as I am aware you only need your NIE and and proof of where you live, to open a bank account where we live but our rental agreement was sufficient for that. Again ask at the bank where you want to open an account what they need. Registering on the padron doesn't cost much and it can be a useful document to have when you are first living out here and having to arrange so much but we have found the NIE is the important one  to have.

Hope that is of some help.




http://relocatetospain.blogspot.com our adventure from deciding to move to Spain to being here and moving back to the UK.


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30 Jan 2009 08:06 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 8584 posts Send private message

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Paseo de Sancha 64
29071 Malaga
Tfno: 952 98 90 00
Fax: 952 98 93 10/ 11 / 12


Virgen Del Gran Poder Nº 40
29007 Malaga
Tfno: 952 98 03 50
Fax: 952 98 95 47



Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA


Director www.costaluzlawyers.es

El blog de Maria

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30 Jan 2009 09:15 by samson Star rating in Solihull/Benalmadena. 126 posts Send private message


If you are moving to Benalmadena you need to go to the police station in Torremolinos to get your NIE number. First of all you need to turn up and make an appointment usually for a couple of weeks later. When you make the appointment they will give you a couple of forms to fill in, one of which you take to a bank and pay a small fee about 6 euros i think.

My parents recently had to do this,im sure now your NIE and residencia are on the same green certificate. With this you will be able to go and buy a car. You will also need to show a rental contract or proof of address (in Spanish).

You do not need either of these things to open a bank account. You can open it with your passport. If you live in Benalmadena you would be better going to somewhere like Arroyo de Miel where there are several banks to choose from. I use the Sol Bank on the roundabout in Arroyo as all the staff are very polite and they all speak good english.

If you need any further help get in touch as i have been through most of the processes you are about to begin, inc setting up a company and running a business. 

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