Palmera Properties, La Perla...anyone know what's going on?? can you advise ??

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01 Oct 2008 00:00 by bob-wilky Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

hi, i am writing here for my dad, he invested(off plan) £30,000 in a property called la perla, Benalmadina.... for 5 years he has been told of building being stopped due to Roman ruins, builder problems, planning permission etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ...........................

It now seems he has been strung along....and my dad, has basically been had over for all his cash.

Palmera properties have have basically strung him along,  has anyone else invested in this development ?? has anyone got advice for my dad please ?? my dear old dad is absolutely crushed over this. i don't know what else to do....

hope to hear from someone regarding this matter


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08 Oct 2008 13:12 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

We bought on a different development through Palmera Properties. The developer was Mirador and the development is Mirador de Torreblanca.
Similar story, and 6 years later we are taking them to court through the Costa Del Sol Action Group. Little chance of getting any money back though.

If you search for CDSAG, or Palmera, or Mirador, you will find countless numbers of people who are in the same situation years after paying their deposit.

Sorry it's not good news, but it's reality.



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08 Nov 2008 09:43 by Hutch1 Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

We belong to the Costa Del Sol Action Group with IURA Solicitors acting.  The court case case should have started last month but the court got the dates wrong and we were advised by IURA that the court case would now be in November but the dates given were for 8th and 9th November which is obviously today and tomorrow.  I am positive that the courts do not work at the weekends.  I have e-mailed our solicitor Naomi to see what is going on but have had no reply.  Can anyone enlighten us on the subject?


Tracy and Alan Hutchison

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08 Nov 2008 10:53 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

Its happening on Monday & Tuesday, I have already contacted them.


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12 Nov 2008 15:15 by Duquesa Rover Star rating in West Sussex / Costa .... 21 posts Send private message

Like Fultond we also purchased on Mirador de Torreblanca through Palmera back in late 2002. Most of the development is up now but a spade is yet to hit the ground where our proposed block was meant to be - the last time I looked was October 07. I'm not 100% sure it's the same development mentioned here as our developer turned out to be Aifos, but we thought it was Mirador in the beginning as they were on all the billboard signs.

By October 2004 I got spooked by rumours of the developer going bust with everyone's money and took a full refund of our deposit (E24k) but without interest so that we could purchase else where (Duquesa). However, that was only the Aifos money and there was a lot of hassle getting our agency fees (nearly E4k) back from Palmera. I had to get very nasty and was going to fly over especially for a confrontation at their office, and then the cheque arrived about a week before I was due to appear.

I am appalled to hear that people still have no property or their money back 6 years on. I really felt at the time that they wanted me to bail out so they could re-sell my apartment at a higher price. Pulling out without the interest seems to have been a small price to pay.




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12 Nov 2008 19:11 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

It was, believe me.

You're correct that original Grupo Mirador plans had blocks 11 & 12 with a 3rd pool, but somewhere along the line they transferred to Aifos and a pool was dropped. Pretty irrelevant now as things look bleak. Awaiting a statement from UIRA regarding the court action that has been filed earlier this week. Even if it goes in our favour I expect there will be an appeal, then they will all go into liquidation.


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12 Nov 2008 20:20 by Duquesa Rover Star rating in West Sussex / Costa .... 21 posts Send private message

This is getting scary! We were Block 11 but I can't remember if it was apartment D or E, and in fact sometimes they were not sure either! When we put the deposit down we had a sea view, then we get plans as if they've re-arranged the block numbers and now we're facing the pool in the opposite direction - this must have been when the developer changed hands.

The 1st & 2nd pools that were built don't look much like the artists impression either, with a water fall and lush green plants hanging over, these were not included in the end.

Contary to popular belief I think Aifos are too big to go under and they have made statements to that effect. Do they still have an office at Trafalgar Square? I was previously planning a visit if I didn't get any joy.

Incidently, I am also in West Sussex

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12 Nov 2008 21:10 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

Unfortunately we are in block 10, so not with Aifos. Our apartment can be seen as almost completed, with marble floors, wardrobes fitted, blinds on windows, etc. But work has stopped with Mirador, and it seems they owe loads of money in land taxes and contractor wages, etc. I may be a bit of a synic by nature but I'm sure we are doomed!

BTW we are in Ardingly, near Haywards Heath, lovely part of the world. (I'm a Yorkshire boy who emigrated south)




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12 Nov 2008 21:19 by Duquesa Rover Star rating in West Sussex / Costa .... 21 posts Send private message

Hi Dave

Hopefully as it is at such an advanced stage they will either finsih it - as they won't get paid in full otherwise - or someone will take it over to completion. Did you have a bank guarantee?

We love the resoviour at Ardingly, we're just up the road in East Grinstead



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12 Nov 2008 21:52 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

We were fobbed off with one of the old classics; "there is a bank guarantee on the whole complex, but not available by individual apartment. Don't worry this is the way things work out here". In ignorance we also used the agents (Palmera) lawyer!!!! Stupid.

Your just up the road, East Grinstead is a lovely place also, some of our best friends have the sports shop.



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12 Nov 2008 22:10 by Duquesa Rover Star rating in West Sussex / Costa .... 21 posts Send private message

What makes it even more baffling is that there are people living in the other blocks. Are they going to live forever next to empty blocks?

I was in the sports shop this afternoon!



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13 Nov 2008 00:07 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message


Blocks 1 - 4 got occupation licences under a corrupt town hall!


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14 Nov 2008 09:11 by Duquesa Rover Star rating in West Sussex / Costa .... 21 posts Send private message

Well those four blocks must have all the utilities, which will be connected to rest of the urb. Sounds like they are at least 90% completed, what else needs doing?



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14 Nov 2008 09:43 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

This summer I had a snoop around when the security guard wasn't around. I think blocks 5-8 are extremely close, but could not get inside that section to see. I was particularly interested in Block 10, as that is where we are supposed to be, so I climbed over the fence round the back. I was able to look into the rooms through the windows on 1st & 2nd floor and could see that wardrobes were fitted, and they were plastered and painted. What looked to be outstanding was that whilst the wiring was in place, they had no electrical fittings. Also the bathroom equipment was not fitted, but was lying on the floor in the rooms. Otherwise it looked like they just needed finishing and a good clean.

But then having the building work complete is only part of the process. I think there are still issues with planning, as apparently they have not built to plan. Then there is the land tax, and the FLO, etc, etc


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14 Nov 2008 10:13 by Duquesa Rover Star rating in West Sussex / Costa .... 21 posts Send private message

It would be best for them to finish for snags etc. No electrical fittings is common, we had hanging wires after we completed in Duquesa and the sparks sorted it when putting up the lights.

When you were there this summer had they started blcoks 11-12? Even if they have the price crash is probably down to what I originally paid in 2002..

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14 Nov 2008 18:05 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

Yes but they had no light switches or plug sockets, etc.

Blocks 11 & 12 had some foundations done only, but then work had stopped.


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20 Jul 2010 21:12 by Eclipse Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I bought  an off-plan  property in El-zoco from Palmera Properties in 2002.  The developer, Proturex,  does not exist. Palmera Properties  contacted  their lawyer, Thomas Agueara; this lawyer was a waste of time; he did not help the situation at all. Despite this,  Palmera Properties charged their fees and no bank gurantee was given. Can anyone advise me on how i can recover my money? This money was my life savings; my blood money.

Can anyone help me? I am seeking help from the U.K Gorverment and our prime minister,  Mr David Cameron. I hope that he can discuss this tragedy with the Spanish Gorvement  in order to release mine and many others' money, who have also been victimised with Palmera Properties.

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21 Jul 2010 09:04 by colinfish Star rating in Birmingham. 7 posts Send private message

i too have lost money in Spain due to Bad Estate Agents however I have been able to recover my money, please can you pass me as much details as you can on Palmera Properties and the names of the people involved I will try to help. I want nothing for this but I am on a crusade against these sharks in Spain.

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21 Jul 2010 09:41 by Hutch1 Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

I would like to know how you retrieved your money?  When no one I have been in contact with can get a penny back!  I'm sure others on this site would love to know how it is done.

The case against Palmera Properties is now in it's second year with no outcome.  The case is still in it's preliminary stages and doesn't look like it will move on from there as clients are being added all the time. If new clients are being added all the time the chances of ever getting our money back is slim.  Gotardo Rodrguez who is being charged with fraud is not going to pay anyone!  It is all a waste of time.

We have now been waiting six years to get our money back, we too have lost a lot of money, not just the preliminary deposit but over £55000.  We have gone down every avenue possible including our European MP, writting to TV shows and media still without any results.

Many of those caught up in this scandel have walked away and are no longer interested in bringing to justice those who have taken away our hard earned cash under false pretences.  I for one will keep fighting and hope that Mr Gotardo pays back all his money or that justice is done and he will serve hard time in a Spanish jail.  The likelihood of the latter is very slim as we all know what the Spanish judicial system is like.

It would be good to hear from others whose solicitors are IURA and how we can get together to push this court case forward.

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21 Jul 2010 10:20 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 9337 posts Send private message

Legal Questions? Speak to Maria Direct

Dear Hutch:

I would certainly start looking to see if you can ask the financial entity where you placed your deposit for liabilities expressed in provision 1.2 of Law 57/68 as they are lieble if Bank Guarantees/Insurance policies wre not in place.




Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



El blog de Maria

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