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05 Aug 2008 12:00 AM by Leoleon Star rating in Estepona. 38 posts Send private message

It would appear that the I.B.I. Taxes in Estepona have risen by a massive 63% this year.
At least they have on our Urbs.
As you can imagine this has caused some consternation amongst owners.
Naturally we have all heard about the arrest of the Mayor and many of the councillors.
We now wonder how legal is this enormous increase in I.B.I.
More especially what can we do about it?
Perhaps it's not everyone in Estepona, but just our Urbs.
Any advice would be most welcome.
Roy Leon

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30 Aug 2009 7:04 PM by jonniereb Star rating. 8 posts Send private message


we sympathise . Our Valor Cadastral increased dramatically as a result of revaluation last year-08-from 33.213 to 192.111 resulting in IBI increase of 85.6%. This year there has been a further increase AND now separate Bastura(refuse) charge which combined give a further 36% increase on 2008.

To add insult to injury our "wealth tax"  which of course is based on the new Valor Cadastral (1.1% @24%) has increased for 2008(we pay for previous year in current year) by 145 euros each for my wife and I.

Legal? We believe certainly not. We understand Spanish residents (registered on the Padron) only pay something like a 4% increase in IBI. Glenys Kinnock raised the formal question of discrimmination between Andalucian residents and non-residents to the European Commission on 31st January 09--ref P-0561/09 in the light of previous discrimmination over CGT, since reduced from 35% to 18%. The written reply in February from a Mr Kovacs on behalf of the Commission confirms that Local Authorities CANNOT so discrimminate.

We have written to 1 of our own MEP's requesting help to persuade the Spanish government to stop local councils-in our case Estepona-from discrimminating against non-residents immediately. We're not holding our breath but the more fuss we all make on this rip off of we Brits the better our chances. Life in Spain is expensive enough without blatant robbery,presumably they think to pay for the huge black hole in the Council's finances as a result of the Mayor's and others ' fraud.

We'd be interested to hear if any other subscibers have any other updates on this issue--eg. whether the Valor Cadastral can be challenged or if any benefits are available to counter the big rise in cost if say income is limited.



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24 Oct 2009 12:08 PM by jonniereb Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Hi has anyone any updates on the IBI situation ?

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26 Oct 2009 6:57 PM by Leoleon Star rating in Estepona. 38 posts Send private message

 Hiya Johnnyreb,

That was an encouraging reply, thank you very much. I thought I was alone with my concerns.

I can understand that Ayuntamientos are desperate for money, as so much seems to have been filtered.

They still have a lot of responsibilities to execute. One of our owners actually works for the Estepona council.

She says that their phone bills cannot be paid and staff have to use their own mobiles to conduct necessary business.

Also many street lights have been out for several months due to none payment of bills.

This is a very sad state of affairs and we have some sympathy with the honest ones that remain to conduct business as usual.

Nevertheless, we do feel that they should remain within the law and explain any increase transparently.

I received an e-mail from a friend on the CdS just last week and he believes that the increase in Basura charges has been declared illegal. Which authority declared it, I'm not sure and whether the council will respond and repay the overcharge is even more doubtful.

I just hope that there are enough owners who care to keep a careful eye on the situation and report their findings on this Forum.

Thanx again Johnny





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18 Mar 2023 8:48 AM by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 655 posts Send private message

Good Morning

Can anyone please tell me when the  Estepona Cadastral Values were last reviwed for I.B.I.

Why I am asking is tha Casares residents Cadastral values have not been increased since 2008 and residents are now receiving requests for extra amounts payable  of Tax for years 2018 onwards.

Can anyone clarify this situation for me






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