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23 Jul 2008 00:00 by babsassy Star rating in La Torre Golf Resort.... 28 posts Send private message


I am renting a place on La Torre in Murcia and work for a UK company. Everything is still as is, I get paid into UK account etc.

If I want to buy a 2nd hand cheap car here, what will I need? Just an NIE number? And do I have to be a resident here to get an NIE?? Any easy way of getting an NIE?

Any help would be appreciated!!



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23 Jul 2008 16:22 by TechNoApe Star rating in Duquesa, Manilva. 1278 posts Send private message

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Hi Babsassy,

No, you don't need to be a Spanish resident in order to obtain an NIE number.

All you need to do is fill in a ex14 NIE Application form, which you can download here:

Once you have completed the form you need to make sure you have the following:

  • two photocopies of your passport
  • three passport photographs with your name written on the back
  • three copies of the completed application form.
  • documentation supporting your reason for applying (this is the tricky one).

The best way to get the necessary documentation to support your application is to register at your local ayuntamiento (town council) – this is a legal requirement anyway. When you register you are given documentation – this document can be used to support your application for your NIE. 

If you have a job offer/contact in writing this will also suffice as supporting documentation.

Once you have everything required, take your application to the Oficina de Extranjeros (Foreign Office).

Well, that's what most people have to do. We needed NIE's to purchase property, so our Lawyer did everything for us after we signed the form.

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24 Jul 2008 17:13 by HiSpain Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

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I wonder how popular Japanese cars are in Spain.

I miss driving my Nissan


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29 Jul 2008 16:58 by netball Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

I have a contact in Roldan that can get NIE number with just copy of passport for 100 euros, it takes just a couple of days to get the NIE via this route.
Also, she has contacts with car garages, I know that she recently got a car for someone (she is spanish but speaks perfect english).  If you are interested then PM me.

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29 Jul 2008 17:30 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1835 posts Send private message

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blimey,100 euros for an NIE,what's  their name,Dick Turpin???
It will cost you about 7€ in your local national police staion,its quite easy to do.
you will generally get your certificate within 3-4 days.
there is a nie thread that will give you all the details.

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29 Jul 2008 17:47 by TechNoApe Star rating in Duquesa, Manilva. 1278 posts Send private message

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"what's  their name,Dick Turpin???"


I also thought that 100€ was a bit of 'daylight robbery' for something that costs you only a few €.

Also, I forgot to add what you did Georgia, you can as you say go to the local Police Station, however I would add that you take an interpreter with you!


Me, the Mrs and Rosie too! But we'll never, ever forget our Tyler!

We support AAA Abandoned Animals Marbella - Do you?

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