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22 Jul 2008 12:00 AM by sallyp Star rating. 5 posts Send private message


parents bought apt 2007, opinions and advice wanted on : 

1/. anyone selling up in uk  - kissing goodbye to living in UK for good.

2/. anyone on any benefits in the UK eg Incapacity/sickness/industrial injury benefit - if so  - can you still claim these ?  

Hopefully someone using  'dunas de cope' can respond, any thoughts/info/advice/opinions welcome.

Parents want  to sell up in UK,: cost of staying in UK too much for them,  city life is lonely & cold for retirement age, UK neighbours aren't friendly , UK children rude, need I /theysay more.  So I am trying to help and get feedback on this for them.

So...... is anyone about to sell up in the UK and move over perm for a better life?



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22 Jul 2008 11:32 AM by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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This is a brilliant forum &, at the risk of being shot down in flames by you and other members, I really need to tell you that all the questions you've asked have been discussed so many times. As you may or may not have seen on our home page we currently have 28,453 members  most of whom don't post (sadly) but many of those who do post & who have started off in your parents situation then moved to Spain permanently have given us their views on relocation. There are boards on absolutely every conceivable topic. Please spend some hours wading through them as they are so informative. 

Here are some that you should look through, just click blue links.

Moving to Spain

Healthcare in Spain

Living in Spain

Retiring to Spain

Apart from these you could register with your parents development so you are in touch with others who've bought there. 

Click this blue link
Las Dunas de Cope & join free.

See you around the boards.









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22 Jul 2008 3:23 PM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

The news today regarding the tightening up on benefits looks pretty grim for anyone who is claiming at the moment.

I would have thought that the best people to talk to regarding overseas payment of benefits is DWP at Newcastle.

If you do a search you will find the contact details, telephone etc.  Others have reported that they are very helpful.

Are your parents retired or nearing retirement age?

If not are they reliant on the benefits they are receiving now as an income in Spain?  Have they worked out an annual budget yet of how much it will cost to run their apartment.

Can they speak Spanish, are there any local clubs in the area they have bought?  Some areas have pensioners clubs and it might be helpful to join one to make friends with the Spanish as well as the English.

Where we live the Spanish teenagers are very noisy, they drive up and down the street on their motobikes.  They've gotten into trouble mainly due to boredom, their latest trick is to throw shoes over the telephone wires and grafitti our walls (according to our presidente)

Before they sell up why not suggest they spend a long period at the apartment to see how they fare, best to try the Summer and Winter periods.  If they are still keen to relocate afterwards then finance permitting they should go ahead.

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22 Jul 2008 4:28 PM by sallyp Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

parents are nearing retirement age but dad draws pension now and dad gets industrial benefit due to a major accident with machinary at work.

not sure if this would stop if they moved out to spain completely, to be honest what was on the news about benefit changes wasn't much help -as usual just mp's trying to claim who's idea it was etc rather than really saying what the changes would be and how they would affect people.

mum and dad do want to move out 100% and have bought in cash no mortgage etc but dad wouldn't (as he gets older) be able to travel back and for re industrial benefit if they wont pay it if he leaves uk.

as you can tell he doesn't, as no body would right now, want to speak to dwp incase they themselves get it wrong, and talking means giving out info which he thinks may do more harm if they close him down in error.  Dad had serious accident so its not like he's claiming for toothache ok - just in case anyone thinks he's going to be moving to Spain and taking up referreering a footie match)


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22 Jul 2008 7:14 PM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

All I know about pensions is there will be a major change from 2010.  Do they retire before then?

I've just googled Industrial Benefit and there's a lot of information on the DWP website.  It says that this benefit can be claimed if you go abroad, you just have to decide how you want it paid whilst you are away.  Also it is in addition to other things you can claim for Job Seekers Allowance, Pension.  So it looks like when they receive a pension this should also continue.

Check it to make sure I've read it correctly there's a lot of information on there, then I'd ring Newcastle to confirm you've understood it correctly.

As I said earlier everything is changing in 2010, mainly the amount of time that you have to work to get a full pension, from then it will be 30 years instead of 39/45.  Also people will be able to claim for years spent caring for children/parents etc.

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