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09 Oct 2006 00:00 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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It seems that renting your property out long term can be much easier sometimes than renting it our for holidays.

Use this forum to discuss your own findings or to ask any questions.  Post them here or start a new thread.


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11 Oct 2006 20:17 by davehall Star rating in Playa De Vera. 26 posts Send private message

Having recently come on to the market I am interested in renting out long term but mainly over the low season albeit I would look at annual rental as a possibility.

We are down at Vera Playa having bought a 2 bed / 2 bath apartment near the beach but I'm not sure what long term rental is like in this area. I assume the area will attract business over the winter months because of the lovely climate and golfing opportunities however I am not sure how realistic this is. We have a good website so at least we have the relevant info to hand for interested parties.

The question is how to best market my apartment and pricing structure. One enquiry I have had asked me how much I would charge fully inclusive - well I can say how much for the rental but the running costs are really like a piece of string so it's really difficult to build in an inclusive price structure.

So if any of you more experienced 'rentors' can oblige with some info then this of course will be greatly appreciated.


Dave H

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06 Nov 2006 22:06 by acezz Star rating. 94 posts Send private message

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It seems this forum has more questions than answers. I am interested in long term lets for my Apartment in Calanova. can anybody recommend a good agent in Mijas area?


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22 Nov 2006 10:37 by passion Star rating in Estepona. 15 posts Send private message

In Mijas I would recommend Multi Property Services for long term lets or possibly Just Rentals although I have not had so much experience at working with them.

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22 Nov 2006 10:40 by passion Star rating in Estepona. 15 posts Send private message

In answer to Dave, I would recommend classified ads in English speaking newspapers available in the Mojacar area. The norm is to charge a monthly rent, plus utility bills. For a two bedroom apartment it is difficult to say what the average running costs are as it depends how much electricity they use and so on! But if the bills were over 80 euros every two months for electricity and 30 euros every two months for water I would be very concerned!

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24 Nov 2006 11:13 by Rusty2712 Star rating in Benalmadena Costa. 71 posts Send private message

As far as long term rentals, the norm for Spanish owners is that a contract is drawn up where the people renting the apartment are responsible for paying the electric. They would merely open the electric bill and pay this into your bank account or to the agent as they would their normal monthly rent.

This is also an easier option than trying to work out how much it may cost for air con etc.


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25 Nov 2006 13:17 by rosi n Star rating in Cornwall / axarquia. 119 posts Send private message

Winter Rentals. we are renting this year long stay ,we looked in the area of Mar Menor nearly all the apartments are vacant we could have a 1 bed penthouse with heating fully inclusive for 450 euroes per month including xmas ,winter bookings seem very hard to find these days if you keep the price down you will get some bookings, we are paying 650 euroes per month for 4 months over xmas in a good size town /frontline beach with 2 beds/ 2bathrooms ,I think Vera Playa is pretty quiet winter time we have seen 2 bed apartments near the beach long term for 550 euroes per month plus bills ,some new owners think they can get £200 per week for a 2 bed. but it will not happen very much or not at all, winter booking were always hard but with all the new projects coming on line its very hard even getting a booking for the mid season and thats really true for some areas ask any body who rents these days, good luck with renting. rosi n

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02 Jan 2007 20:10 by katied Star rating. 3 posts Send private message


I'd appreciate anyone who has rented out their apartment long term jotting down the pros and cons. We are interested in renting our 2 bedroom apartment in Duquesa. Is advertising in Sur newspaper worth while? How much does it cost?


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02 Jan 2007 21:24 by Smiley Star rating in San Pedro de Alcanta.... 2502 posts Send private message

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HI Katie The Sur is one of the main places people will look if wanting to rent long term. Downside is that there are literally hundreds for rent in there and yours can get lost among all the rest. Cost dont know but they have a website where you can probably find out think its To be honest though assuming that you are not living here you might be better using an agent. The last thing you want is someone calling you in the middle of the night because the water mains are leaking in the bathroom - I use that because it has happened to me. A reputable agent will also take responsibility for holding damages deposits, make sure the contracts are sound and interview potential tenants for you. Some of them will do regular inspections to ensure the property is being well looked after as well.

Pros and cons are relatively easy. Pro - there is an income to contribute towards expenditure. Cons - you lose the use of the apartment yourself, there is a chance you may get a less than dependable tenant who wont look after things the way you would. A bad tenant can run up bills for utilities on the apartment which will lie with the property not with the account subscriber. That probably about sums it up.



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02 Jan 2007 21:26 by Smiley Star rating in San Pedro de Alcanta.... 2502 posts Send private message

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Have checked: 53 cents a word in the classifieds


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07 Feb 2008 12:23 by Compton Star rating in Estepona. 19 posts Send private message

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