Are you thinking of coming over on an INSPECTION/FLYBY/ Tour?

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13 Sep 2007 12:00 AM by Ivo Worth Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

You would have gotten some phone calls, some persistent sweet talk about how marvellous things are over in Spain, and you are thinking of indeed getting on that plane, and have a look. All fine till you get to the other side, and are greeted by your rep. A couple of points:
1: This is a business, and not a cheap way of getting your suitcase stuffed with cheap cigarettes.
2: It is not a way to quickly get a cheap break in a good hotel with a 'Partner'.
3: Because, the terms and conditions on most clever fly by contracts are very clear. If you are caught doing any of the above, you will get the bill. And it's embarrassing.
4: Be at least in a position to buy.
A fly by tour is typically designed to make you buy in the three days you are in Spain. And often it is designed to make you buy a product the agent wants you to buy. So, if you are serious about property in Spain, do your homework before coming over. If you are looking for a finca inland or a villa to do up, make sure your rep shows you these options other than only off plans where he stands to make much more commission. If he is reluctant to show these, he is not helping you and you should not continue with him.
The way fly by tours are designed to make you buy within three days, stems originally from that beloved industry called Time Share. The emotions good reps want to unleash in his/her client are FEAR OF LOSS and GREED.
Fear of loss is generated by simple but effective sentences like: 'I have only two of these left, and I happen to know a colleague will be showing the one you just liked this afternoon.' Painting a very rosy financial picture, and promising a better payment term by a phone call to a person higher up, as long as the desision is made there and then of course is one way to generate greed.
An off plan does not suit everybody, and yet it is pitched to everybody. If it suits you, take an independent lawyer in Spain, never one recommended by the agent, and make sure the off plan product you may be interested in has its licenses and bank guarantees in place. Only when you and your lawyer are satisfied, then go ahead.
To sum up, a successful flyby trip depends on you. Of course you can buy on the first trip out, if you find what you are looking for. It would be silly not to, as good properties do in fact sell. However, you do not have to. And if you feel you are put under pressure to purchase into one of a few developments shown to you, step back and think things over. You will never regret taking a deep breath.
Yours, Ivo, Asesor fiscal, Marbella

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14 Sep 2007 5:56 PM by rowlandsbb Star rating in Gloucestershire &Hue.... 779 posts Send private message

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If you are serious about buying in Spain you do not have to go on Inspection trips

If you know the area you like best go on a weeks flights and rent a cheap apartment and the get agents to give you a service to find what you are looking for

Talk to a few and decide which you like best and then use them.....there is no doubt that buyers should use an agent as then you have someone who will make your purchase ' stress free'

Although we do Inspection Trips we also have a 'Go Direct Client Service' us for a day , see a few homes in your budget and if you like us then we can click in our full service and find the home[ holiday or part or full time]  for you

Our 'After Sales Client' Service 'is we think the best......and it is' one to one'....not just a password to a web site!!!   

Other Agents do this as problem....up to you to decide the service you like best  





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15 Sep 2007 1:00 PM by Robdem Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Ooops posted in the wrong place - Sorry!

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15 Sep 2007 1:11 PM by Rixxy Star rating in San Pedro. 2010 posts Send private message

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Personally I do not like the idea of the inspection trip. If you are thinking of buying a proeprty here then do your homework on the internet, visit different areas and speak to the locals!

If you are coming to live permenantly, you would be well advised to rent for a while first until you decide on the area you want and that way you will give yourself time to suss out the price you should be paying, although for the dream property you way have to pay what the owner asks - bearing in mind somehting is worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it!

You do not need an agent if you are confident enough to find your way - a good lawyer or gestor is vital for the legals -but in many cases the professionals will save you money by negotiating a lower price or finding you a suitable finacial deal that can save you thousands.

Holiday home is different, look for the obvious such as ease to the beach to local amenities - I advise clients to make a wish list and as long as the proeprty ticks most of the boxes then go for it.

I cant remember the last time I had a client in the car with me - I have a 2 seater sports car (calm down boys, its old and battered but I love it! not a posh thing) usually I meet them somewhee they know and we go to the proeprty together, view and I contact them later for an update.

Too busy to spend the whole day trying to force someone to buy something they dont want or need!

So - however you do it as long as you are comfortable and you stay in control and ultimately acheive your goal then good luck with it!


Quite frankly m'dear, I don't give a damn!

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