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29 Oct 2014 17:05 by veejay Star rating. 2 posts Send private message


I co-own a flat in Spain.  This is my first attempt at trying to pay my taxes via the Modelo 210  - and it's turning out to be a really frustrating experience.  I did eventually manage to calculate the taxes due, validate my form and print out the pdf but when I've tried to do it for my friend I seem to have hit a brick wall.  I've filled in the form identically to mine (apart from changing the personal details and putting in her NIE where it asks for the NIF - as I did with my form) but keep getting the message: RECHAZADA POR ERROR DE IDENTIF. DEL TITULAR. NO IDENTIFICADO.     I then tried to register her for an NIF number (it gives you the opportunty to do this via an 'Allocation of Non-Resident Identification code' link) and got as far as getting an email with an electronic key which I had to enter onto the form but when I pressed submit, I got another page which looked like some sort of error message (which unfortunately I didn't copy down).    When I tried the whole process again, it said that "There is already a taxpayer with the details you entered". 

I then had an online chat with someone from the Agencia Tributaria (in Spanish so very challenging) pretending to be her and he said that the number wasn't registered with the Agencia Tributaria ( "El NIE que usted me ha facilitado no está censado en la Agencia Tributaria").  He then said that I'd have to fill in a Modelo 030 to register the NIE with the tax office and submit that before I sumbitted the Modelo 210, but also that "un modelo 030 requiere de un medio de identificación telemático, tal como certificado digital o DNI electrónico (con su correspondiente lector)." I think that means an electronic signature.  I asked him how to get that and he said I'd have to go along to an Agencia Tributaria office in Spain.  When I said I didn't live in Spain he said to go to the Consulate.  And this is all to pay 38 euros - 19 euros each!!

What a nightmare!  I seem to have hit a brick wall here.  Any suggestions or theories as to why my NIE number was recognised but not hers - when we've gone through the same bureaucratic procedures?  The only thing I can think of is that my NIE was on the Escritura but not hers as she hadn't obtained it when the Escritura was signed.

Can see why people dodge their taxes in Spain!

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30 Oct 2014 07:48 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

Veejay    I've filled in the form identically to mine (apart from changing the personal details and putting in her NIE

I too had problems a couple of years back. 

Firstly,  I found that Mozilla Firefox would not work with the Hacienda prog. so I used IE.
I then discovered that each time one makes a declaration a unique bar coded number is generated.  Thus if you want to make more that one declaration, I did it for my son and daughter-in-law on their property, you must close down the web page and start a again.

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