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16 Jan 2014 10:38 by Woodbug Star rating. 371 posts Send private message

So another building code has proved to be a totally unworkable set of rules and is to be scrapped. The UK  Code for Sustainable  Homes has bitten the dust despite 100’s of millions of pounds being spent on producing an ignorant set of complicated unworkable rules in 2006 to reduce carbon emission from new homes to 0% by 2016 in steps of ‘improvements’. The effect of the code has been to drive the cost of new homes up to an expected 40% by 2016, while the government has bleated on about delivering affordable housing – Err, shouldn’t they be lowering the cost of housing, or have I missed something?

Those in the industry have always known that this ill-thought out code was doomed for the scrap heap; it was just a question of when. The government tell us the reason is that the process takes too long. What a load of cattle pooh – they wouldn’t admit that it was a complete concept cock-up from day one would  they?


While US and China refuse to reduce colossal levels of carbon emissions created by manufacturing aluminium and cement , (the highest known pollutants) with huge increase due as a result of supplying third world countries  with these products, UK is forced to pay huge premiums, by a deluded government for houses that will save less than a drop in a very deep ocean.


The authors of GWP (Global Warming Potential) tell us that: CO2 Emission is  96.775% Natural and only 3.225% is Man Made. Of course there are other major contributions to GREENHOUSE GAS EFFECT and the main contributor is natural water vapour.

Greenhouse Gas Effect Contributions:

WATER VAPOUR                              95%

CO2                                                  0.117%

Methane                                            0.066%

N20                                                   0.047%

Other gases                                       0.047%

*The above figures are TOTAL. - From all known sources.

If these figures are correct – do we have any control over the natural effects of the planet or is this just another cynical conspiracy from various governments to extract green taxes for a non-existent problem?

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