fishing licence for Murcia

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11 Oct 2012 15:11 by johnmcmahon Star rating. 313 posts Send private message

I'm trying toget a licence to fish from beach or rocks. It seems labyrinthal. I've got to go up to Murcia town, get the application form, take it to a bank, pay 12 euros and get it stamped. Take it back to the government department in Murcia with 2 photos, my NIE and my passport. I'm down near Sucina so it's a trek.

I've heatd there's a one stop shop called Ventanillas Únicas

Is there one in San Pedro, Cartehegna or nearer than Murcia town ?

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12 Oct 2012 08:36 by Geoff y Pat Star rating in Torre Guil / Sutton .... 90 posts Send private message

Hi John, I fish here in Murcia but mainly in the Embalses (reservoirs) for carp and barbel.  I do occasionaly fish of the rocks.   I have had a licence for three years and as far as I can remember I initially took my NIE into a Mapfre office to obtain the insurance for Caza Y Pesca.  (any insurance office in Sucina should provide this)   I paid for the insurance and I think I had to wait about two weeks for the policy to arrive which I then took into the old office (for Caza & Pesca) in Murcia to get the licence. (no photos needed)  The office give you the licence which you have to take into any bank and pay the 6 euros and they officially stamp it .  Job done.   The insurance costs about 15 euros and the licence 6 euros.  Mapfre take the money out of my bank each year and I take a copy of the payment to the new office in the centre of Murcia and renew my licence.  I believe you still have to have a licence for sea fishing but I cannot believe many people have one. But you cannot get a licence in Murcia without insurance, I know it's a load of old bxxxxxxx, pero somos en España.

I hope this helps.  I haven't heard of Ventanillas Únicas but I am sure some other Pescador will know.

Tight lines y buen suerte.



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13 Oct 2012 15:00 by howee Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Geoff - did you originally have a UK fishing licence when you applied for your spanish one?

I had to either have one or take a course and present the certificate to the Medio Ambiente office in Malaga. I in fact applied for and received my UK fishing licence online!!!



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13 Oct 2012 15:29 by Geoff y Pat Star rating in Torre Guil / Sutton .... 90 posts Send private message

Hola Howee, I always bought a rod licence when I fished in the uk ,but I stopped fishing when we moved to an apartment and "her in doors" wouldn't let me keep my nets in the apartment.      I am very surprised that you had to show a UK licence or have to take a course to be able to get a licence in the Malaga area.  Some of the anglers I see here in Murcia can't have a licence or have never taken a course as some of them don't even have a landing net and haul the fish up the bank.  I am talking freshwater fishing here.  So are you saying you had to obtain a UK licence to be able to apply for a spanish one in the Malaga area???

The rules for most things differ from region to region.


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13 Oct 2012 15:34 by howee Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Yes the rules do vary. And yes I had to present my UK licence. I also received a booklet telling me which rivers and reservoirs I could (usually could not!) fish and which fish I could keep. I seem to remember there were different seasons for different fish also.



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