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28 Aug 2012 13:07 by brady1 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

I wonder if anyone has any advice on a security system that is able to email you with pictures of people entering your apartment when you are in the UK. We are in phase 2 and wanted some extra security and peace of mind whilst away from our apartment



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28 Aug 2012 13:34 by Marbella29649 Star rating in Mijas Costa, Costa d.... 58 posts Send private message

Hi Martin,

There are basically 2 systems you could go for.

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with Cameras or a Webcam.
Both are reliant on you having an Internet Connection.

If it's just for the entrance then an IP Camera would be the best option.
This will detect movement and email you a snapshot or a video of what it's detected.

You can also access the camera at any time with your iPhone, SmartPhone, PC etc and see live viewing.

Let me know if you need any more information.




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28 Aug 2012 14:54 by potblack Star rating in Alicante & Singapore. 233 posts Send private message

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Hi Martin

I am not trying to be funny or anything. But what pleasure are you going to get from watching your house being burgled. Of course you may have other quite justified reasons for wanting this type of system.

In my experience the best thing to have is a deterrent that sends burglars away from your property to look elsewhere. I used motorised dummy cameras with flashing lights. Big CCTV signs. Mad guard dog posters. Quite cheap and works.

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28 Aug 2012 16:59 by brady1 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Thanks Neil for the info. An IP camera is the sort of system we have been looking into. Just wondering if you have info about howyou go about installing such a system. I suppose the apartment will have to have broadband?

Martin Braithwaite




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29 Aug 2012 13:24 by Marbella29649 Star rating in Mijas Costa, Costa d.... 58 posts Send private message

The apartment must have broadband for the IP Camera to function correctly.

You can buy an "off the shelf" camera and install it yourself or get somebody to install it.

You can use a wireless Camera which links to your router and will give you the freedom of not having a cable to worry about, although you will still need to have a power connection.
I can provide all the info and prices etc but you may have to PM me.

Potblack, many people now want to view the their home not only for security reasons but to also check who is using the property, if rented, or if any work people people are turning up when they should and doing what they say.



Soltec I.T Services.

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29 Aug 2012 14:06 by Abyss_Rover Star rating in Mallorca. 72 posts Send private message

Hi Martin Braithwaite, IP cameras are a good sollution indeed. I believe that it's also possible to receive alerts via GSM (mobile technoligy). I can give you a link to a company in Mazarron - Murcia (NOT MY BUSINESS), if that's of any use to you.

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30 Aug 2012 10:13 by prospain Star rating in Spain & Hong Kong. 38 posts Send private message

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A friend of mine had one of these systems, all singing and dancing, he used to boast about it. But someone blocked out the camera and stole it, broke into the apartment and stole all the goodies, PC, TV, DVD player, even drank all the beer in the fridge. Must have been like an episode from Mission Impossible. I preferred the old TV series to Tom Cruise in the film. My friend said, in hindsight it was like advertising you were worth being burgled. If you hide the camera so no one can see it, there’s no visual deterrent, and if it is visible it indicates you have valuables worth nicking. He now has an hidden detector that sets off dog barking noises, plus guard dog signs, only cost 49.95 euros.  

Includes batteries, so no mains required, and has 20 different dog barking sounds which auto rotate if you wish. Now that’s modern technology for you, never mind all that beam me up Scotty stuff.



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