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04 Apr 2012 00:00 by jackt Star rating. 41 posts Send private message

Hi, I know this subject has been done to death but everyone seems to give a different answer. I am 65 and receive the uk state pension and other private pensions upon which I pay Spanish income tax. My Wife is 55 and we both have N.I.E`s.

I have over 44 years of N.I payments in the uk. I know that "Residencia" is no longer with us but I have been told by so many people

that in order to get into the Spanish health system I must apply at Fuengirola police station for an I.D card. Others tell me I only need an N.I.E number and the  forms S1 for registration for Spanish health care. These I have now received.

Have any of you applied recently to go onto the Spanish health care cover and if so I would be most grateful to know exactly what you did and what documents you required.

Thanks very much Jack

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04 Apr 2012 20:33 by stillgoin Star rating. 161 posts Send private message

 you need to find your local social office take all the usual paperwork and proof of nie number get cert from local national police

take no. 1or 4 bus from centre fuengirola towards miramar 

normally the number should be the same as the one you already have cost about 10 eu and where we are takes an hour again take all docs and copies this replaces residencia which no longer exists

for the social office straight up av mijas under the motoway under the bridge first left calle roble end of street on

your left just before euromarket closes 2pm again all docs and copies the 2 4 0r 127 buses will get you within 200 yards

so you need the doc from police first











nd of steet just before the euro market


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04 Apr 2012 21:05 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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 Every region seems to have a different policy on this.  We simply signed on the padron (for which we needed NIE numbers, passport and either title deeds or rental agreement) and then got temporary health cards.  The residency (yes, I know it is a foreigners register and not residency but everyone still calls it that) simplified matters in that the house address and NIE are printed on them so they just required that and passports.  The padron then got us the temp health cards.  A week later, we took the S1 forms to the council office and they put us on the health system.  Even though we have not yet got the permanent cards (they reckon it would take 3 months) we are now on the permanent system at both the medical centre and the hospital.  

So. although we didn't need the residencia cards, it simplified matters by not having to carry all the other stuff with us.  The padron is the important thing as they wouldn't issue the medical cards without them.  

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04 Apr 2012 21:40 by jackt Star rating. 41 posts Send private message

Hi bobaol, Thanks for the info. Just to show my ignorance what is a Padron. Is it at a town hall or main guardia civil offices.

Are you saying that we don`t need the new form of I.D which I understand replaced Residencia. Thanks Jack.

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04 Apr 2012 23:03 by CostaBlade Star rating in Riviera. 115 posts Send private message

Hello, we have been through the process and went to Social Security in Fuengirola last Friday.

Hope this reply is not too long winded

When you got your S1 from Newcastle it tells you want documents to need to take to Social Security.  Newcastle should have sent you two copies of each of the S1 form.  Social security need both !!

You will need to go to the Town Hall and sign on the padron.  Take with you passport and copies, nie, and we took an electricity bill to prove our address.  They will check whether you owe them any council tax etc and then issue you with a padron certificate (free)

Residencia - go to Fuengirola National Police station (up the steps and turn immediately right.  Queue at first desk on right and ask for an appointment.  The man on the desk was English speaking.  They will give you an appointment and tell you what docs you need.  Make sure that before you go to the appointment you pay the fee at a bank.  Keep the receipt as you will need it.  At the appointment (there was an English speaking lady) they will issue you with a green residencia certificate.

When you have done above get copies of all of the above and a copy of your passport(s).  

We went to Social Security last Friday around 10.30. with the above forms and a copy of our NIE (but not needed).  A lot of people in the waiting area and around 6 people in q in front of us.  When it was our turn I had my Spanish/English dictionary in hand (just in case) tried a bit of Spanish (buenos dias) showed the S1 letter and smiled.  The female clerk took the form and asked for documents (originals and copies).  When she had checked them she photocopied S1, stamped it and gave us back one copy.   A card is apparently sent out within 3 weeks.  We were in and out within 45 mins. If there is an emergency use your EHIC in the meantime.  You can sign up at the doctors with the stamped S1 or wait for your card.

Hope that is all helpful, let me know if you need any clarification on above,



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04 Apr 2012 23:28 by jackt Star rating. 41 posts Send private message

Hi Angie, Not long winded at all this is just what I wanted. We have been to our town hall in La Cala and obtained Volante de empadronamiento colectivo. I assume this is the certificate to which you refer. We produced our tennancy agreement, NIE etc.

May I trouble you to please explain where the social security office is. I understans it is near Euro Market. Another chap on here

was giving directions but there was a large gap on his post. Finally can you register with any doctor of your choice provided he/she practices in your area. Thank you once again for giving me such a detailed info. Regards Jack.


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