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09 Dec 2011 00:00 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Orihuela Costa, Spai.... 2417 posts Send private message

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It’s an unfortunate fact that you only really find out the worth of an insurance policy when you have to make a claim and even more unfortunate for a number of my clients who have been insured with Intasure
People often have no idea how bureaucratic the Spanish legal system if you are the victim of crime, typically a burglary, with all of the forms and declarations required, so having a property manager that will sort this all out for you, without you having to worry or travel to Spain  
Just going to the Police to make the declaration, the first stage, which is required by the insurance company before they will except the claim, can be time consuming, then the property needs to be made safe, photographs done, an inventory, the insurance assessor  has to visit and then the various visits required by the repairers takes hours spread over several weeks and of course it is normal for the company in Spain to charge for this, not thousands of euro, just an hourly rate based on the time taken, so typically a few hundred euro
In the past we have dealt with numerous claims and the normal process has been that the insurance company pays these fees, to the person who is the victim of crime, so can you imagine who appalled I was to be told today that Intasure’s policy is not to pay these fees, fees to management companies as they describe it
I rang them myself for clarification because with every other company there had never been a problem and the reaction from their claims manager at Intasure was total disinterest. He commented the policy clearly states whet we will pay and as this is the client’s property tough luck, yes we have to have the declaration and get access to repair and if the client has to pay to arrange touch, it is down to the customer, their whole attitude was take it or leave it because we are really not bothered
I then called 7 different Spanish insurers and every one confirmed that for their policies they would pay, subject to the cost being reasonable, the costs for somebody processing the claim in Spain, I already knew this based on other claims that we had assisted with.
Ask the question of your insurer or broker before it is too late  

Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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10 Nov 2012 16:19 by determined Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

It seems that most of the posts on this company are from people who have not had the misfortune to make a claim .

I have had to make a substantial claim........which was refused.    It has been a real eye opener.

We are looking for others who believe that they have been treated unfairly..................particularly those who have suffered

substantial loss through flood or landslide and / or those who have been referred to the consorcio.

If you have issues.........then please get in touch...............................I am not a lawyer touting for business;  but a retired

expat who has lost his home .   

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