How easy is it to change Architects?

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24 Jul 2011 00:00 by skippy498 Star rating in Los Alcazares. 16 posts Send private message


We are having an extension built on our roof terrace, we are having major problems with our Architect who right from the outset has been very obstructive (we think it was our choice of builder!). Now the building has actually started, his demands on what he wants the builder to do to complete the project are completely outrageous, to put a staircase up through our bathroom apparantly entails taking out a whole concrete slab which will will effectively destroy the front left corner of our property. We have contacted a building surveyor who has suggested that there is a simple alternative to this but since I told the Architect on Thursday that we had contacted this surveyor we have not heard from him.

My question is what are the implications if we decide that we no longer wish this architect to represent us - what has happened above is just the last in what has been a long list of obstructions which have caused major delays since we received our license at the end of March. We  no longer have confidence in him as he does not seem to be working for our interests.

Would anybody have any experience of changing Architects after a project had been started but not completed, what were the financial implications.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated



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24 Jul 2011 21:57 by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 772 posts Send private message

A Spanish friend wanted to changed his architects during his build, because of similar problems to yourself, and not only did the architect end up suing him ( architect lost but it still caused massive stress) but my friend had to take legal advice because the architect refused to pass over the plans.

So if this is anything to go by then the answer is NO, it doesn´t appear easy.

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12 Aug 2011 11:27 by DMS Star rating in Spain. 27 posts Send private message

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Just to point out  that any work carried out must comply with the project that has been submitted to the Town Hall and the College of Architects. as this  directly relates to the licence obtained. If the works do not comply with the project you may have problems in obtaining approval from the Town Hall when they inspect the works at a later date. 

 Apart from that, the process of changing Architects should not be an issue. The standard process is that the newly appointed architect has to formally notify the previous architect that he is taking over the outstanding works and the previous architect should then pass over all of the technical documents to the new one.Obviously all outstanding fees owed to the previous architect must be settled in full.

Marbella Solicitors Manilva Solicitors

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14 Mar 2012 11:01 by wolo Star rating in Murcia. 6 posts Send private message

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I think it´s late to reply but it hurts to hear you say that.

I´m a spanish "Arquitecto Técnico" of Murcia( There´s no equal profession  in your country) but you  will know about us because to make your new house it,s compulsory to contract one as you contract an arquitect.

Of course you can change your arquitect when you want. You only have to dismiss him. You have payed him for two concepts:

1)A project you must have in your hands that make you to obtein a license in the townhall for make the house

2) "Direccion de obra": The way he manages the constructor to become his project a  reality. When construction is finished you need a certificate signed for the arquitect and the "arquitecto técnico" to obtein the license of first ocupation.

Any time during this work you can change the arquitect.

For example:

If the building is at 40 % of construction level in the moment of the dismission: The first one must certificates the construction for this 40% and the second one will be responsed of the rest .

If the first arquitect take you in troubles, the second should speak with him to solve thems

I have been in this situation for two times and without troubles.

Remember that you pay and you are in charge in your house.

Sorry about  the extension of the reply and for my poor English. I only trying to help.


Common sense is the least common of senses blog "Under Construction"

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