Health Hazard - sewage and robery!

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22 Jul 2011 00:00 by navidad Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

Maria kindly provided details of the individual responsible for Health in Oria, however I have learned over the last couple of days Oria has a new mayor who is PP, previous was PSOE, he was replaced in May.   Sewage is not the only problem in this town, Many of the expats living in the town have paid abogados excessive fees for their conveyancing, one paid in excess and 12,000 euro ust to do his conveyancing and prepare escritura when house was finished.   When they collected the escritura they all learned they had bought a NAVE, naturally none of them knew about this, they were told they had the right licence to build the house, none of them wanted ILLEGAL properties.   These poor people really need help, they are all retired pensioners.    They are living in a road which has raw sewage pouring down it, endanging their health, there are small children actually living in this lane too who are being endangered, the town hall collects their town IBI, they want to pay the house IBI but the town hall says they are illegal.   There have been two deaths recently caused through stress, their partners have no family in Spain and cannot return to the UK because unscroupulous Lawyers have robbed them.   The town hall has ignored the raw sewage problem which has been reported to them again very recently; the spouses of those who died want to return to their family in the UK, they cannot do so because their homes are illegal and cannot be sold, it's not surprising two had stress related heart attacks.  These people have helped the economy, they all used local builders, they shop locally, they use local services such as hairdressers, garages, bars, restaurants, attend the local church too.     They want to pay the IBI for their houses, the town hall will not let them do so because the houses are illegal, yet they issued the licences, surely if they want to pay the IBI they would help the local economy even more

Is there anyone out there who can help these poor people without wanting financial gain, what happened to doing things for nothing!   Having set up a cancer charity recently I have learned Charity must start at home!.

If I practised law in this way here in the UK the law society would strike me off, so why does not the illustre colegio de abogados tell unsuspecting expats what charges they should pay for conveyancing, if a lawyer here failed in teir duty we would be struck off, how often are Spanish lawyers struck off, so they have a fund, such as we have in the UK, if a lawyers has been negligent you can make a claim/\/  


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29 Jul 2011 10:21 by normansands Star rating in Kent. 1281 posts Send private message


are you a lawyer wanting to help but needing a proxy to do it through?



N. Sands

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01 Aug 2011 13:46 by navidad Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

No, I am hoping there is someone who can advise these people, perhaps a lawyer who does pro bono in Spain or individual who has had experience.

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