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10 Jul 2011 00:00 by bob.dunford6 Star rating. 49 posts Send private message

 the phone hacking in britain by the news of the world is is very bad,hundreds sufferingand started everybody talking,

but what about themillions of inocent people in spain,tricked into buying a illegal house because spain had to many of them,

but having to live without mains water.connected,and some withour electricity,surely this isone of the biggest crimes the eu are facing right now,think of it living withour mains water.without electricity,in you home.notjust for aday or two but for years,,the elderly who have come to spain to retire feel ashamed to ask their family over here.embarrast over being caught in this spanish scam,of owning a illegal home ,but without mains water and electricity.2 years ago it was the black and white money remember,that scam,as the eu mps have saidmany times this must be the most corrupt country in europe,instead of punishing the eu citizens who came here to live,they should be praising them ,for bring with them all that fresh new noney which helps spain,which works out in millions of euro's and also millions of euro's in pensions comming to spain every year,just think 1,5 miilion illegal homes on the costa blanca,plus another 1,5 million homes over the rest of spain,if you average 2 people per home that is a staggering 6 million in illegal homes.,this is avery very bad crime which has been carried out by spanish lawyers.and helped by the land registry and local council.and the spanish goverment not doing anything.they all knew they were selling illegal homes.but covering it all up by signing and stamping the property deeds,and taking the lawyers fee as mind blowing.the european parliment must be ashamed of its self.for allowing this to continue.for so long,but now all the world are looking at this scam.and the eu know now it must do something at last.this is what the eu mps have been warning the european parliment for years,and also from brussels.,

how do you think a eu mp would feel if one day he comehome to find his house was made illegal,no mains water/no electricty,

what do you think he would do,would he have to wait years for a answer ,with no mains water,you would think this was in the war ,going without.all we did was to trust a spanish lawyer and a spanish goverment.,we kept to the rules why cant they,

we all must start shouting at our european parliment to have our rights upheld, 

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