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29 May 2012 13:19:

 looking for some second hand kitchen furniture to buy.just had a outdoor kitchen put in.and would like to buy some furniture for it .units.tops .94 mtrs long.everything really any ideas,please reply.i live in crevillente alicante (near elche)

Thread: kitchen furniture

29 May 2012 08:53:

 the daily telegraph this morning.every bank in europe is getting ready for the end of the eurozone.switzerland has already taken an economic hit from appreciation of swis franc over the past year and said and admitted plans for a collapse of the eurozone.from reuters new agency that the french banks are also getting ready.more political presure in the single currency couldmaterialise on thursday when ireland holds a referendum on the new fiscal compact.

Thread: spanish workers going to the uk for work

28 May 2012 18:09:

 news today from the uk .look it up on the internet.eurozone break up any time now.it cannot last

Thread: spanish workers going to the uk for work

26 May 2012 14:25:

 from micheal pettis the top economist of europe.and finance profesor at peking university and a senior associte at carnehie endowment.he is certain spain will leave the euro soon.he writs there are two reasons i believe spain will leave the euro he grew up in spain and knows the country the best.however the peripheral countries in the eurozone like spain are uncompetit ive, have high debt levels ,and suffer from low savings rates that had been forced down in the past decade to dangerous levels,spain has a stronger fiscal position and healthier bank balance sheets than many of its peers when the crises began.so any argument that applies to spain id likely to apply more forcefulli to its peers..the first of which is to do with logic of spain's balance of payments postion and the second with the internal dynamics that drive the process of financial crisis,to address the second ,i think spain will leave the euro because it seems to me that the country has already started on the self-reinforcing downward spiral that leads to a crisis,and there is no one big enough to reverse the spiral.when a countries interest .on there loans rise they have to pay back more and most of them cannot.so the debt rises  more.and the shortening of maturities double the impact.,as this probility rises spain will leave the the euro.and thebank deposits will be frozen.and redenominated in the weaker currancy before any abanonment of the euro is anouced when the spiral starts slowing thois behavour is not enough.it must be reversed ,but how no one is big enough  credibly to guarantee the credit worthiness of all the afflicted countries.,and without a credible guarntee the download spiral will occur until it is clearly unstoppable.

Thread: spanish workers going to the uk for work

22 May 2012 08:57:

 and most of these lmagrants .who cannot find work and getting benifits three times more money then our old age pansioneres recieve.are sending some of the money back home to suppoert their families.whicxh i done blame them but how can you run a country like this.british economy has only one way to go down.if this is eu law then the cost of these benifits should be paid by the eu .not britain.i am just making out the things wrong with this goverment the list is growing every day.the goverment is not in charge of any of the economy.the industrail power oil and gas is run by private sector.the mains water is run by the private sector they are all becoming billionairs.no money going into the coffers of the goverment.it was said in 1945. if you remember, who ever controls the power -industrail power of the country controls the country.and that is not this goverment,for sure.

Thread: spanish workers going to the uk for work


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