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13 Dec 2007 12:00 AM by bobby50 Star rating in . www.harmony-proper.... 327 forum posts Send private message

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Hi All

Had an appointment yesterday with our solicitor, after several attempts of trying to contact Groupo Masa, they sent one of their secretaries down to Alicante Office.  After two hours, she was told there was nobody that could speak to her.  The solicitor trying again today.   We have been advised by our solicitor that the information he has received about M11, it seems that there is no registration yet,  we don't know if this  is the land or the house, (as we were in shock, it was confusing).

Hopefully we will find out in the next few days.


Have any of you on M11 had any contact with your solicitors to see what they say?

Best regards Rob and Sue.


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20 Dec 2007 6:04 PM by pinkstateside Star rating in Dublin, Ireland. 47 forum posts Send private message

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Hey Bobby


No, heard nothing, and dont expect to either, so we are just sitting and waiting.  Happy Christmas.



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