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03 Dec 2007 12:00 AM by chunkz Star rating in aberdeen, scotland, . 66 forum posts Send private message

hi all,


i have been reading with great interest about the meeting held at SG today. i am glad for those who were waiting for their electricity to be sorted - have eventually got it.

i am on M11, and i felt like bursting into tears when i read it. july/aug!! whats the hold up? the houses have been ready for ages.

i have just sent an email to atlas - if i hear back from them, with any answers i will let you know.


however, todays meeting did prove something. 15 people demanding and not going to budge until it was sorted - and they were heard and things got done.

for those of us not out there, the agents, builders etc find it very easy to pass us of with excuses, because they can not return calls or emails and give you excuse after excuse, but they are not seeing us, and having to put up with us all day, every day.


OBVIOUSLY NOT EVERYONE CAN JUST FLY OUT, but should we maybe consider doing something? or should we just keep being patient?

email with suggestions if you have any.

many thanks


dee and scott


         Dee & sco...

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03 Dec 2007 8:41 PM by Chrism16/20 Star rating in Lisburn, Northern Ir.... 132 forum posts Send private message

Hi Dee

We have bought on M16, I contacted the builders dirrect and pushed a wee bit, I got an email 2 weeks ago saying it was ready to complete and they had contacted our agents, but Iberin our agents have not officially contacted me yet as no doubt theyre waiting on utilities etc.

I'm not too annoyed now as the exchange rate is really bad and time is tight before Christmas. S&J are next door neighbours and  they completed anyway last week and all went well.

Perhaps Atlas have the same information and are waiting on these things being complete before  advising you either way, give them a shout tmrw and even make an appointment to see them. Perhaps that may help?


Chin-up, nothing happens, then it all happens quick!


Chris & Sandra M16-30

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03 Dec 2007 8:54 PM by chunkz Star rating in aberdeen, scotland, . 66 forum posts Send private message





just find it hard to believe that m11 is july/aug.

if i have not had an email my lunchtime, i am going to phone them.

i am not bothered about it being after xmas - that suits me,  atlas said in an email a couple of weeks ago that they were waiting on the electricity being connected and that should be done end nov.

i have a week off next week, wasnt going to go over, but might see bout going over for a few days to see things for myself.  only thing i dont think there is flights to murcia near me in the winter, and have travel 3hrs to get flight to alicante.

did ypu get my pm earlier? let me know your thoughts.


thanks again



         Dee & sco...

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03 Dec 2007 11:21 PM by Chrism16/20 Star rating in Lisburn, Northern Ir.... 132 forum posts Send private message

Hi Dee

(Sent you Pm)

Yea it sounds like your in the same boat as us, Atlas may well have been told its ready but hey wont tell you until ytilities are in place, as I said S&J our next door neighbours completed anyway, their water was connected that week and it looks like their meter can now go in so if this is the case with your property youcould probably complete also.

Check and see exactly what Atlas have ben told.



Chris & Sandra M16-30

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04 Dec 2007 12:15 PM by inspectahomespain Star rating in Orihuela Costa, Spai.... 2417 forum posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

There is very strong consumer law in Spain and if you look at my article, published on this site, Most Commonly Asked Questions on Completion, which you can find by scrolling down on the right hand side, we explain how to complain

The market is very tough for the Atlas, Ambasun tyoe organisations and they want to avoid any local publicity and the local press is always willing to write on issues

In addition the following is an article from last weeks local paper where some people with similar problems over utility connections and Certificates of Habitation are using the UK Trading Standards system, against Atlas a UK registered company and this may be another route for resolution

Trading Standards to meet with Atlas legal team
Aresident who took the decision to write to UK Trading Standards in Surrey regarding the role of estate agent, Atlas International, in the sale of Tecnologia homes has received what he believes to be an encouraging response.
In a letter, an official from the Leatherhead Business Standards Team confirmed that a meeting had been scheduled this month with Atlas International ‘legal representatives’ to investigate the nature of ‘all complaints received’, which indicates that Trading Standards could be dealing with several complaints from different sources.
Members of the PSOE opposition party on the coast wrote to Surrey Trading Standards some weeks ago to alert them to the problems surrounding Tecnologia homes, detailing that Atlas International were responsible for selling a large proportion of them. The party also published the Trading Standards address on their website and warned Trading Standards that they could receive many complaints.
Many residents who own Tecnologia homes with no deeds, who have outstanding builders’ mortgages on their homes, and who regularly lose their electricity and water due to non payment of bills by the builder, blame Atlas International as much as they do the developer. The nature of complaints received by Trading Standards is unclear at this moment, however, one resident recently told me he would be writing to the organisation on two counts: that Atlas International, in a written document, made assurances that the homes they sell would be debt free, and secondly that until he receives his deeds, he believes Atlas International has failed to complete their side of the deal.
I have written to the case worker at Surrey Trading Standards to ask how many complaints he is dealing with pertaining to Atlas International and their role in the sale of Tecnologia homes, and I will publish a response as soon as I receive one.

Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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