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30 Jun 2019 22:55 by molsp Star rating. 4 forum posts Send private message

My husband has always dealt with the Spanish saga but he can’t really anymore and I have no idea what’s going on. This is all I know: 

We are part of a class action but don’t know any of the other people in that class

our solicitor is called Eugene Pedreno 

The company is call Mare Nostrum

He attended Alicante court in April 2017

if anyone on here is part of the class action- could I please ask for any information you may have ? 



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01 Jul 2019 16:02 by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 597 forum posts Send private message

Good Afternoon

Maybe Costadeluz list of court cases will help you here. Maybe sent Mara de Castro a private message about your case

Good Luck







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01 Dec 2019 15:49 by fredhead Star rating in Puerto Pollensa, Mal.... 8 forum posts Send private message

Hi moslp

Just saw your post, hadn't been on the forum for ages.  I am part of this group too and appeared in Alicante in 2017.  I was one of the two people that BBVA immediately gave in to as two of us had irrefutable proof of payments made, in Spanish etc etc.  I naively thought that was that for me but no, it turned out the SGR (the bank guarantee company) appealed and whe I enquired as to why it was taking so long, Eugenio Pedreno informed me that :

"Our barrister has informed us that the Supreme Court has a lot of cases in queue, and for that reason the normal timescale has increased a lot.  According to her information the delay is around 2 years since the other party submitted the appeal.  In consequence, we it is possible that we get the final decision of the Supreme Court in September or October 2020."

I have no idea how things proceeded for everyone else in the group action with regard to BBVA.  Eugenio is very good at replying to emails, I would write to him and ask him for a summary of the situation with regard to your case.

Good luck!

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