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24 Jun 2010 00:00 by craftyange Star rating in Wakefield, West York.... 26 forum posts Send private message

This morning i have actually received a reply from Almudena.  I couldn't beleive it either but below is the reply to why was i not given a bank guarantee? 


Thank you for your E-mail.

Please note that the company got a credit line when we started to sell properties in Santa Ana, but there was a big amount of properties sold in an unexpected short period of time and the credit line was used up soon and an extension of the credit line or a new one was requested. But due to the growing number of requests from many builders to get credit bank guarantee lines (while since then this had not been a common-practice) the banks started to process the opening of new lines very slowly and that prevented us to having enough time to provide many of our clients with a bank guarantee.

The company is currently negotiating the financing of the building of Santa Ana del Monte  and this includes setting up bank guarantee lines  for those who continue with their purchase. But now we need to wait for the confirmation from the Court of the final count of votes in order to move forward with the Feasibility Plan and the Financing as well.

We will keep you informed of any progress made at this reference.

Kind Regards,

Almudena Rodríguez
Herrada del Tollo, S.L.

I have replied back asking why then did she not stop taking deposits until another line of credit could be established. I will share any information i recieve back from her.

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24 Jun 2010 14:35 by suemac Star rating in Jumilla, Murcia. 1001 forum posts Send private message

Hi Craftyange

I too received this email, which I have posted on the previous thread, as that was where people were pressing for information about bank guarantees.

I think it's a good idea to have a thread on Sharing Information - hopefully others will contribute.  What I liked initially with EOS was the way people shared information and helped each other.  In the last year or so this hasn't been happening as much, partly because there were people on here who just wanted to slag each other off, and this deterred many people from posting. 

Let's all share information and keep this friendly!

We live in Jumilla, so we would love to meet up with anybody who comes this way.  We will keep an eye on SADM once work begins again, though we don't have a car so won't be going every week as it means walking to the site and back!

Regards to all.



 Sue Walker

Author of "Retiring the Ole Way", now available on Amazon

See my blog about our life in Spain:

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24 Jun 2010 17:38 by craftyange Star rating in Wakefield, West York.... 26 forum posts Send private message

I totally agree Sue, we should keep things friendly. I do not expect anyone to share confidential information, but some people are still waiting for answers and if other people know those answers why not help each other out?

I personally am finding that our lawyer in Spain who was recommended to us by Andrew Ward!! can't ever be bothered to type a reply back to any of my emails. I was also speaking to a legal firm based in the UK with  spanish lawyers out at their branch in Spain (better not name them) but they were not very helpful in the long run. We have decided that we will probably join the class action with Maria at  Costalaluz. as she always replies promptly to my questions and emails and has sent us a possible action plan.


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25 Jun 2010 12:17 by craftyange Star rating in Wakefield, West York.... 26 forum posts Send private message

I had another email from Almudena today. She did not answer my question about why she continued to take deposits after the linie of credit had been used up, But another question was will she give me a key ready property worth 90K and we would call it quits!!! This is her reply.

As we informed in a former E-mail, once Herrada del Tollo, S.L. comes out of the Administration process there will be a number of additional options apart from the ones of the Proposal that we will be offering you .
One of the options is the possibility to transfer 100% of your deposit to another property already built in a different development (subject to the outcome of the San José Inversiones Administration which is a sister Company of Herrada del Tollo, S.L.).
I sincerely hope that we can work together in achieving a positive outcome to what has been a long and difficult journey.

Standard reply, but at least i got a reply. Wonder if she will reduce the key ready properties by 35% as a goodwill gesture. LOL.

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