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28 May 2014 17:40 by MJE Star rating. 19 forum posts Send private message


I know there are various threads on this and taxes but I'm still a bit confused.

We bought a property on Condado at the end of last year.  We've just had an e mail from our solicitor saying our concil tax (AKA  IBI I believe) is due by 7th July.  The bill has 2 references (one in my name and one in husbands) with an amount of €137.36 for each of us.  So, that makes a total of €274.72. (we have a 2 bed on La Isla). Does that sound right? I've got no idea what time period this covers.    I've e mailed solicitor back with some questions but they are always slow to respond.  I thought this charge was per property and not per person and €274 seems high compared to figures I've seen in other threads.

Solicitors have said they will sort payment for €30+IVA but can I pay this myself or contact milenium for assistance?  Is this the tax that can't be paid by bank transfer/direct debit or do I need to set something up with the bank so it just goes out every year?  Is this the tax that people recommend the spanish tax forms website for?  I've looked on their site but they just talk about submitting a tax form for non residents tax.....

What about the non residents tax? I know we paid a small amount when we bought the property but how often do we pay this/how do we pay/how much is it?

Are there any other taxes?!

Sorry for all the questions.  Any answers/feedback would be most appreciated!!


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28 May 2014 18:28 by 2littletinkers Star rating in Naranjos 5. 549 forum posts Send private message

My friend lives in la isla...and she has 2 adjoining...hers were 350 plus per apartment!!  Im on naranjos and ours only 164....no idea how calculated, will try to find out!!




12 Months' Keyholding with weekly checks, just €99!!! Email condadokey@gmail.com

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28 May 2014 19:05 by thekeeve Star rating in Hope, West Wales and.... 277 forum posts Send private message


If I'm not wrong, IBI is also known as SUMA (town hall tax) and this is how it always appears on my bank statements.  I always thought the tax was property based not ownership based, so you and your husband shouldn't receive a separate bill.  My bill last year, annually in June by the way, was €165 for a 2-bed Penthouse, My first bill in 2010 was €110 which was pro rata for the year, so you might want to raise this also as you bought end of last year.  

Whatever you do, keep a close eye on your bank account debits.  I've recently had over €1000 stolen by Socamex  for water usage for a 3 month period when my apartment was empty.  The alleged volume of water I used would fill a large swimming pool.  The terrible thing is - there's nothing I can do about it. I digress, but what the hell, everybody should be aware of the scams going on.  

Good luck

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28 May 2014 22:58 by sr123 Star rating. 21 forum posts Send private message

The IBI is property based and is calculated by using your cadastral value. This is a value set by the local town hall. The charge is then divided by the number of people on your deeds so that is why you and your husband would both receive a bill. Our charge in Naranjos for a 3 bed last year was around €160.00 for the property.

Non residents tax needs to be calculated and is paid annually, ours was also around €160 too for this tax. We use spanishtaxforms.co.uk who calculate  it and issue the forms for £23.95. You can then take these into any bank and pay by cash. The IBI can be paid by setting up an annual direct debit with the local council. 

Hope this helps

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29 May 2014 00:48 by beebeetay Star rating. 97 forum posts Send private message


There is a council office in Al Kasar opposite ML and the guy in there is so helpful, he will tell you how much you need to pay and set up the direct debit for you free of charge that will automatically debit your account each year for the IBI so you do not need to use your solicitor and pay that unnecessary fee. The information that sr123 has given you is correct but the amount that we all pay will vary as the cadastral value varies on the apartments.

The non residents tax is also due annually but our Spanish bank send us out the forms to complete every two years so although we pay that fee we do not have to pay any extra fees by using a solicitor or broker as many people seem to be doing that post on this forum.

Hope that this helps.



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29 May 2014 20:56 by darren2646 Star rating. 44 forum posts Send private message


i am here at moment. I picked our bill up for a 3 bed and it was €170. This is €85 for both me and my wife. If it was in one name the bill woul still be €170. Our solicitors also charge €30 but they said we might as well take the bills down to our bank, pay there and they will set a direct debit up for following years. This I did no problems. All you then have to do is get a copy of the bill from the bank each year and give a copy to your solicitors.

hope that helps.


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29 May 2014 21:06 by chesneyville Star rating. 83 forum posts Send private message

Thought non resident income tax had to be paid annually and didn't know that your bank could do it for you. Our bank charges us every two years for a non resident 'certificate' (I think its called) of 25 euro per account holder which I know is different to the income tax charge. Will have to check that out and save paying for solicitor to do it.



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29 May 2014 22:07 by darren2646 Star rating. 44 forum posts Send private message

Hi David,

yes bank also charges us the other one every 2 years. We bank with Cajamurcia and paid there within 10 mins just needed passports. Next years will be now automatic and if you have online banking you can access the bill on line once deducted. Saves €30 :-) and was suggested by our solicitor.


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30 May 2014 08:23 by chesneyville Star rating. 83 forum posts Send private message

I'm obviously using the wrong solicitors :-(



This message was last edited by chesneyville on 30/05/2014.

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