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28 May 2014 16:48 by scapa Star rating in Beds, England & Jard.... 880 forum posts Send private message

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Hi I have just returned from a fab 2 weeks on the Condado!

I can honestly say I visited every eating and drinking establishments at least once while there, and yes I can also say all the for’s and against of each everyone but I don’t want too because I love to see our Al Kasar “in working order”, it’s just a great place to chillax with friends etc  and people watch as far as I am concerned!!

So I wish all the business on the Condado  the very best for the coming season and may you all do well!!

 There is just one thing I would like to bring to everyone’s awareness and that is CPR on our resort.

 Please this is not a post for everyone’s opinions about who should do what? They should do this! I don’t like him? They didn’t do this! I wanted to do that!  I respect everyone’s  opinion BUT we can all go on forever forever with our opinions.

 I just wanted people to know that I went to the their Annual general meeting (2nd half) last week  and it was sad to see that apart from the members  I was the ONLY one that turned up!

I am not a resident there so please I am not talking about residents, I would like to bring to all owners awareness that are on the Condado part time from only 1 week  or 6 months a year that CPR exists as a charity, and everybody involved gives up their own time and effort to keep this running on our resort which we all know is not an easy task.

If you are anything  like me once back home it all goes out of your mind until the next time.

These guys do a great job in my eyes, and politics should not get in the way. I was with my Mum who is 87 for the 2 weeks and to know that there is CPR is a good thing, accidents can happen to anyone.

I don’t know  all the facts but I believe ML our administrators have their reasons but for some reason they will not allow poster around the swimming pools giving out the numbers to call for CPR , in my eyes that is an obvious place to put the numbers.   So all the time these guys are up against a brick wall!!

CPR are on Facebook so like their page to find out information

If not CPR have their own website and you can request to be put on their emailing list.

Raising monies is always  a big issue but at the moment they said to me they  are looking for “BUDDIES”. 

They have enough trained responders but they have to have 2 people “on call for 24hrs”

“I trained person” plus 1 other person just to be there to help out with other things.  If they don’t have lots of “BUDDIES” to call on it means 2 x trained persons have to be “on call for 24hr”……. which means the trained persons have to be on call twice as much!!!

 For more details of being a “BUDDIE”  or finding out more on how you can support them, or just any ideas, any of these people would be able to help you.  Email :

Alicia Saunders: Secretary     Heather Huron: Treasurer   Eliza King and Derek Bell (Deputy): Rota Manager & Responder Representative   Neil Simpson: Training Officer   Lynn Simpson & Cath Emmet-Smith : Fundraising Lesley Tann : Publicity Officer


Well done guys!!! Keep the good work up!!!


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