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23 Jun 2012 15:16:

Hi All

I have been reading this thread with great interest and would be grateful for some advice on healthcare and Spanish tax for my husband and myself for when we move over permanently as we are in our mid 50's so not yet pension age.

We are intending to move over within the next 18 months as we have already own an apartment in Costa Calida. We know of a good local dentist and will pay for that treatment just as in the UK but not sure on the best way to deal with other health care e.g. a GP. It is very unlikely that we will be able to find work due to the current economic situation and have prepared for this so should have enough funds to live off due to rental income from UK and savings/inheritance until our pensions kicks in, but we want to ensure that we are covered for all healthcare scenarios.

We have been told by the DWP that as we are up to date with tax and NI contributions we will be covered by the E106 but only for a limited time which I think is two years. As the pension age in the UK is likely to rise even higher what is the best way please to ensure that if we need a GP whilst living in Spain or anything more serious that would involve hospital that we are covered.

We are also both asthmatic and need regular prescriptions for inhalers although admittedly not as much in Spain due to the kinder climate, but can we buy these over the counter at the pharmacist or do we need a GP to prescribe these.

Any advice on rental income from the UK would also be grateful, if we earned £1,000 per month in the UK when are we liable to pay Spanish tax, also if we become liable for Spanish tax how much would be have to pay before it contributes as enough for us both to qualify for an eventual Spanish pension and Spanish healthcare etc.

Thanks in advance for any help Bee

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